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Violence in America

Violence in America
The History of Crime

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This third edition of Violence in America is a completely new book with all 12 chapters of this volume written specifically for it. These chapters survey a wealth of new research on the long-term dynamics of murder and other crimes of violence. The contributors identify and diagnose the circumstances of recurring epidemics of violent crime that have swept the social landscape of the United States in the last 150 years, including waves of immigration, the social dislocation of war, and growing concentrations of urban poverty. They also evaluate the traits of political assassins and assess the pros and cons of gun control for reducing crime.
Foreword to the 1988 Edition
Ted Robert Gurr
The History of Violent Crime in America
An Overview

Ted Robert Gurr
Historical Trends in Violent Crime
England, Western Europe, and the United States

Roger Lane
On the History (and Future) of Homicide in America
The Size, Shape, and Social Significance of Long-Term Trends

Eric H Monkkonen
Diverging Homicide Rates, England and the United States, 1850-1875
Neil Alan Weiner and Margaret A Zahn
Violence Arrests in the City
The Philadelphia Story, 1857-1980

Roger D McGrath
Violence and Lawlessness on the Western Frontier
Mark H Haller
The Business of Politics of Violence

Colin Loftin, David McDowall and James Boudouris
Economic Change and Homicide in Detroit, 1926-1979
James W Clarke
Identifying Potential Assassins
Some Situational Correlates of Dangerousness in America

Don B Kates Jr
Firearms and Violence
Old Premises and Current Evidence

Margaret A Zahn
Homicide in the Twentieth Century United States
Trends, Types, and Causes

Wesley G Skogan
Social Change and the Future of Violent Crime in the United States
Richard Maxwell Brown
Crime, Law, and Society in America
From Industrial Society to the Information Society


Ted Robert Gurr