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Using Health Policy in Nursing Practice

Using Health Policy in Nursing Practice

March 2013 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
This book is part of the Transforming Nursing Practice series, written specifically to support nursing students on the new degree programme.



Health policy can appear complex and remote from nursing practice. This book demystifies health policy and helps you understand how policy decisions relate to your daily practice. Through the exploration of selected hot topics, such as patient involvement and dignity, the book helps you to consider how not only to use policy in practice, but also how to use practice to influence policy. Patient narratives and case studies are followed through each chapter to show how policy issues can impact on real life care. The book also shows how you can use an understanding of policy to develop your career.


Key Features:


- Shows how policy impacts on the real world and how you can use it to improve care or change practice

- Regular activities help you to engage with policy issues

- Enables you to see how to use policy in practice yourself

- Supports you in meeting the NMC requirements for registration


About the series


Transforming Nursing Practice is the first series of books designed to help students meet the requirements of the NMC Standards and Essential Skills Clusters for the new degree programmes. Each book addresses a core topic, and together they cover the generic knowledge required for all fields of practice. Accessible and challenging, Transforming Nursing Practice helps nursing students prepare for the demands of future healthcare delivery.


Series editor: Proffesor Shirley Bach, Head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Brighton. Co-series editor for learning skills titles: Dr Mooi Standing, Independent Academic Consultant at national and international level, and an accredited Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) reviewer.



Georgina Taylor was a Principal Lecturer in the School of Health and Social Sciences at Middlesex University for many years, and has recently retired. She taught research methods to a range of healthcare professionals and aspects of health policy and interprofessional working to third year nursing students. Research interests include the health of refugees and asylum seekers, health inequalities, intercultural care, and patient safety.

About the author
What does Health Policy mean for Nursing Practice?
Healthcare and Social Care Policy
The Policy Context of Partnership Working
The Public Context of Patients and Public Involvement in Healthcare
The Policy Context of Trust and Public Safety
The Public Context of Care, Compassion and Dignity
Public Health policy, Inequalities and Wellbeing and Nursing Practice
Using Policy in Nursing Practice

...This is book is written in the UK by an academic at Middlesex hospital. It is so apt for today’s nurses and following the Francis report. It also makes the links between policy and practice clear...

Jane Brown, Patient Safety Advisor, Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust
Nursing Times

This has been the most fantastic text book for my module despite the fact that the students are not on a nursing course. It is pertinent and encompasses so many of the areas of policy that are contemporary within health and social care. I have found it invaluable and will be using it again this year.

Ms Jane Montague
School of Health Studies, Bradford University
July 6, 2015

this wasa great textbook for the students looking at the politcal aspect of nursing.. recommended for students and quailfed staff

Miss Rachel Hart
School of Nursing & Midwifery Studies, Cardiff University
November 27, 2014

This is a coherent textbook which will engage nursing students and enable them to understand and apply the complex world of health policy to their practice. It should also provide a reference point for their future practice and help them engage with this area. This is a much needed aspect of nurisng practice.

Ms Siobhan McCullough
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queen's University Belfast
August 6, 2014

This is a useful resource for student nurses, clearly explaining health policy in nursing practice.

Mrs Ann Everitt-Reynolds
Nursing, Midwifery and Health Studies, Dundalk Institute of Technology
July 31, 2014

Will be on recommended list for a new module commencing next academic year.

Mr Phil Holdich
Adult and Children's Nursing Studies, Huddersfield University
March 27, 2014

Health policy is clearly explained, avoiding use of excessive jargon. The author manages to distil the complexity of the subject area making the book a useful resource for pre and post registration programmes. It encourages students to relate the policy to practice with useful examples of case studies making the book a useful resource .

Mrs Gillian Wilson
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Hull University
March 21, 2014

Clear overview of key concepts with good application to practice.

Nathalie Turville
Faculty of Health (Westbourne Campus), Birmingham City University
December 18, 2013

Post Francis this is such a useful book that can be used to supplement material delivered in both pre and post reg education. Makes the links between policy and practice explicit.

Mr Andrew Southgate
Adult Nursing Department, Canterbury Christ Church University
December 2, 2013

I will use the mentioned book for preparing my classes.

Dr Luis Fittipaldi
Mental Health, Social Work and IPL, Middlesex University
December 1, 2013

Georgina Taylor