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Using Focus Groups

Using Focus Groups
Theory, Methodology, Practice

October 2020 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drawing on the authors' thirty years of combined experience in the field, this authoritative, step-by-step guide to conducting focus groups features dedicated chapters on all aspects of the research process.

Loaded with real world research examples from across the social sciences, and learning features such as 'expert advice' and 'concepts and theories' boxes, as well as end of chapter exercises and further reading, this is the perfect manual for novice researchers who want to conduct a successful focus group.


Part 1 - What is a focus group?
Chapter 1: Outlining the focus group
Chapter 2: Dealing with ethical challenges
Part 2 - Planning and designing
Chapter 3: Designing a focus group research
Chapter 4: Mixing the focus group with other techniques
Chapter 5: Choosing and recruiting the focus group participants
Chapter 6: Designing focus group tools
Part 3 - Conducting
Chapter 7: Moderating the focus group
Chapter 8: Observing the focus group
Chapter 9: Running the focus group
Part 4 - Analysing and writing up
Chapter 10: Transcribing and analysing the focus group content
Chapter 11: Analysing the focus group relational and technical dimensions
Chapter 12: Interpreting and reporting the focus group results
Appendix - Tools

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Professor Stefan Handke
Business Administration, Dresden University of Applied Sciences
July 2, 2021

This is a good book for students who are planning to use Focus Groups in their Action Research or for social research of any kind. It takes a very practical, step-by-step approach to Focus Groups, which means its a little light on theory. Suited to third year degree students.

Mr Nasrullah Anwar
Public Services, Runshaw College - Chorley
September 6, 2021

Ivana Acocella

Ivana Acocella is Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Florence (Italy). Since 2002, she has taught Methodology and Research Methods for the Social Sciences. She currently teaches Sociology of Migration and Qualitative Research. Her research focuses on epistemological and methodological assessment of qualitative research approaches.   More About Author

Silvia Cataldi

Silvia Cataldi, PhD, is Associate Professor of sociology at Sapienza University of Rome (Italy). Her research focuses on methodological aspects of social research and emerging cultural and social identity models, and she is involved in many European projects. More About Author

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