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Urban Regeneration in the UK

Urban Regeneration in the UK
Boom, Bust and Recovery

Second Edition

February 2013 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"A thorough update of what was already an excellently written, accessible and well-used book. Coverage of the key issues to impact on regeneration in the UK since the 2008 financial crisis is comprehensive, and ensures that this latest edition will remain a key reference work for students and practitioners alike."
- Dr David Jarvis, Coventry University and Deputy Director, Applied Research Centre in Sustainable Regeneration (SURGE)

"An accessible text for students that provides an excellent summary of the challenges facing the UK regeneration sector up to and including the present age of austerity."
- Dr Lee Pugalis School of Built Environment, Northumbria University

An engaging, systematic guide to the most dramatic transformation of our urban landscape since post-war reconstruction. This new edition has been fully revised to include:
  • Improved pedagogical features, including an expanded glossary and increased visuals, as well as key learning points, useful websites and suggestions for further reading
  • More content on local sustainability and issues linked to climate change
  • A new chapter, 'Scaling Up', which examines how regeneration operates when considering very large schemes, such as the London 2012 Olympics.
Jones and Evans draw together a mass of information around key themes in governance, sustainability, competition and design - from policy reports to academic studies - into a single coherent text, making this essential reading for anyone studying or working in the field of urban regeneration and planning.
Chapter 1: Introduction
Defining 'urban regeneration'

The scale of change

From boom to bust

Chapter 2: Policy Framework
Introduction: origins of the neoliberal shift

Innovations during the New Labour period, 1997-2010

Contemporary policy in England


Chapter 3: Governance
Definition: from government to governance

Understanding the state

Different forms of governance

The new institutionalism

Community involvement

Regional regeneration and the European Union

Chapter 4: The Competitive City
Deindustrialisation and the competitive city

Funding economic regeneration

Regenerating cities in practice

The financial crisis and its impact on regeneration funding

The entrepreneurial city

Chapter 5: Sustainability
Sustainable development and regeneration

The policy framework

Social sustainability

The brownfield development agenda

Climate change, cities and carbon

Sustainable construction

Chapter 6: Design and Cultural Regeneration
The urban design agenda

Cultural regeneration

Chapter 7: Regeneration Beyond the City Centre
The suburban question

Regenerating social housing suburbs

New build suburbs

The great eco-towns disaster

Chapter 8: Scaling up
London Olympics 2012

Mega-regeneration in the Thames Gateway

Chapter 9: Conclusions

This book contains a number of relevant case studies for the students. We are studying a module on diverse places and therefore the chapter on design and cultural regeneration will be particularly useful.

Mrs Mary-Ellen Whalley
Social Science , Petroc
September 1, 2016

An accessible text for students that provides an excellent summary of the challenges facing the UK regeneration sector up to and including the present age of austerity.

Dr Lee Pugalis
School of Built Environment, Northumbria University
September 23, 2013

A really good introduction for my undergraduate students and would also suit masters level students. Points students in the direction of other research and covers recent developments in the field.

Mr Peter Hill
School of Business and Social Sciences, Roehampton University
September 16, 2013

an exellent update of a well-established textbook

Mr Richard Kotter
Dept of Geography, Northumbria University
May 10, 2013

"Urban Regeneration in the UK" offers a great deal of information and insight into the driving forces behind development. It's cogently written and highly readable, with excellent case studies and key point summaries. An extremely useful text.

There is a trivial error where the BRE are referred to as a government agency; BRE was privatized in 1997.

Dr Richard Watkins
Kent School of Architecture, University of Kent
April 17, 2013

A seminal book on urban regeneration with key insights into how this field has dealt with the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent period of investor uncertainty

Dr Andres Coca-Stefaniak
Marketing Department, University of East London
April 13, 2013

A useful up date on previous edition given how much has changed over the intervening years

Dr Paul Greenhalgh
School of Built Environment, Northumbria University
April 10, 2013

Phil Jones

Dr Phil Jones teaches BA Geography at the University of Birmingham.  More About Author

James Evans

Professor James Evans is Senior Lecturer in Geography at the University of Manchester.  More About Author

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