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Urban Issues

Urban Issues
Selections from CQ Researcher

Seventh Edition

October 2014 | 344 pages | CQ Press
What are the driving forces behind the mass transit boom? What do lawmakers do about funding aging infrastructure? What are the real causes and solutions to domestic poverty?

These are just some of the provocative questions your students will consider in the new edition of Urban Issues. For current coverage of urban politics, readers will appreciate the balanced and unbiased reporting of CQ Researcher. Urban Issues provides a window into how policy is created and implemented and is sure to spark classroom debate. Each chapter examines the key players, stakes, and lessons for the future, while covering the range of facts, analyses, and opinions surrounding each issue.
1. School Reform
2. Fixing Urban Schools
Land Use and Urban Development
3. Smart Cities
4. Attracting Jobs
5. Blighted Cities
6. Downtown Renaissance
7. Mass Transit Boom
8. Aging Infrastructure
Race, Class and Ethnicity
9. Minimum Wage
10. Child Poverty
11. Domestic Poverty
12. Housing the Homeless

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