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Understanding Women’s Land Rights

Understanding Women’s Land Rights
Gender Discrimination in Ownership

First Edition
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September 2017 | 440 pages | SAGE India

In India, inheritance laws and social practices systematically deny women ownership of productive resources.

In this collection of essays, well-known social scientists critically evaluate existing state laws regarding land ownership. The varied forms of gender discrimination that exist between and within regions, communities, and caste groups are studied. Few women own land, and even fewer effectively control it. The book recommends ways to counter this inequality by challenging laws and sociocultural values that allow discrimination to persist.

Understanding Women’s Land Rights is the XIII volume in the series ‘Land Reforms in India’, initiated by the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. The XI and XIII volumes study gender-unequal land rights in 14 Indian states.
Foreword by Uma Chawdhry
Sridhar C.
A Note from the Centre Director
Prem Chowdhry
Editor’s Introduction Persisting Gender Discrimination in Land Rights
E. Revathi
Andhra Pradesh Land Rights and Land Access to Women in Andhra Pradesh
Rimi Tadu
Arunachal Pradesh Engendering Tribal Land Rights for Gendering the Land: A Case Study among Apatani and Nyishi Communities
Ramesh Sharma
Chhattisgarh Gender Issues in Land Ownership in Chhattisgarh: Existing Land Laws, Policies, and Practices
Ritu Dewan
Goa Women and Land Rights in the Context of Legal Propertied Equality in Goa
Itishree Pattnaik
Gujarat Women Empowerment through Land Ownership Rights: Critical Assessment of Their Status in Gujarat
Abha Chauhan
Jammu and Kashmir Gendering the Land Ownership Question in Jammu and Kashmir
M. N. Karna
Jharkhand Understanding Women and Land Rights in Jharkhand
Ritu Dewan
Maharashtra Land, Land Rights, and Women in Maharashtra
Saroj Arora
Mizoram Women’s Access and Ownership of Land: A Case of Mizoram State in India
C. Sridhar, Saroj Arora, and Khunenchu Magh
Nagaland Gender and Land Relations: Emerging Issues about Nagaland
Kanchan Mathur
Rajasthan Persisting Inequalities: Gender and Land Rights in Rajasthan
Sohel Firdos
Sikkim Locating Gender in Land Rights Discourse of Sikkim
Ranjani K. Murthy
Tamil Nadu Women’s Land Rights in the Context of Neo-liberal Tamil Nadu
Indu Pathak
Uttarakhand Gender Justice and Law: A Gender Specific Study of Land Ownership in Uttarakhand

The author highlight the need to strengthen the empowerment of woman in the field of education, land/property and employment. The author revealed varied forms of gender discrimination that exist between and within regions, communities, and caste groups.

This volume contains 14 essays which critically evaluate the existing state laws, statutes and customary laws with regard to women’s land rights. It is a pioneering work as it combines both fieldwork, and the existing literature on the land rights of women.

THE TRIBUNE, 22 April 2018

Prem Chowdhry

Prem Chowdhry, an eminent Social Scientist, is a former Professorial Fellow of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti, New Delhi, and also a former Senior Fellow of the Council of Historical Research, New Delhi. Currently an independent researcher, she is the author of Political Economy of Production and Reproduction: Caste, Custom, and Community in North India, 2011; Contentious Marriages, Eloping Couples: Gender Caste and Patriarchy in Northern India, 2007; Colonial India and the Making of Empire Cinema: Image, Ideology and Identity, 2000 (Indian edition by SAGE, 2001); The Veiled Women: Shifting Gender Equations in Rural... More About Author

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