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Understanding the Consumer

Understanding the Consumer

First Edition

202 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Understanding the Consumer brings together marketing theory and practice in a truly consumer-centric approach. It challenges the lip service usually paid to this concept and demonstrates that a fundamental understanding of the consumer is critical to the future of effective marketing.

Drawing on cutting-edge developments in the literature it reconceptualizes how consumers respond and act in the marketplace with particular attention to:

- relationships with suppliers, products and brands

- their innovative, creative and resistant behaviour

- the complexity and unpredictability of their consumption behaviour

- their increasing need to get closer to production.

The book challenges existing functionally driven marketing thinking and shows how a more holistic approach to the marketplace will drive better theory and practice. It combines a jargon-free approach to the subject with an illustration of the relevant theory using practical, topical examples from the marketplace as well as drawing on other business related disciplines including sociology and economics to support its arguments.

The Consumer-Oriented Approach to Marketing
New Products and Their Meanings
Paradoxes of Meaning
Whose Marketplace Is It Anyway?
Innovation and the Creative Consumer
Revisiting the Time of Adoption and Resistance
When Innovation Becomes Creativity
Conspicuous Consumption, Downshifting Reconsumption
Production and Consumption

This will form essential reading for my Understanding Consumers introductory course.

Professor Paul Hackett
Marketing Communication Dept, Emerson College
October 30, 2012

Isabelle Szmigin

Isabelle Szmigin has published in a wide range of academic journals including Psychology and Marketing More About Author

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