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Understanding Nursing and Healthcare Research

Understanding Nursing and Healthcare Research

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December 2014 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book focuses on enabling students to understand what research is, why it is relevant in healthcare and how it should be applied in practice. It takes the reader step by step through the research process, from choosing research questions through to searching the literature, analysing findings and presenting the final piece of work.

Key features of the book are:

  • Tips for the best practice when reading and critiquing research.
  • Activities to test your knowledge.
  • Key points which highlight the important topics.
  • A companion website which includes a critical appraisal tool to use when assessing papers, multiple choice questions and free SAGE journal articles for students. Seminar plans and PowerPoint slides are provided to support lecturers in their teaching.

It is essential reading for all undergraduate students of nursing, midwifery and healthcare.

What is research?
The research process at a glance
What are research problems, questions, hypotheses, aims and objectives?
Searching and reviewing the literature
Getting to grips with research designs
Understanding sampling and sampling size
Ethical and legal issues in research
Rigour in research
Data collection in research
Gaining insight into data analysis
How is research disseminated and implemented?
Critically evaluating research studies

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It is well written, engaging and accessible.


Julie Crane, Head of Directorate of Nursing, University of Liverpool

This well written book leads the reader through the complex research journey in an exceptionally coherent manner, stopping along the way to carefully explain each stage .The real life examples add clarity and the activities engage the reader to think critically about how they can develop their own research ideas.


Karen Rawlings-Anderson, Senior Lecturer, City University London


This is an essential text for the novice researcher. The authors guide the student through the research journey ensuring that they know what to do and why. The clinical examples and suggested activities bring to life what can be a difficult process thus resulting in a fulfilling educational experience.

Anne Manning, Senior Lecturer, City University London

This is a very readable and comprehensive text for those wanting to understand the research process. It offers a one stop logical step by step approach to the research process and will guide health professionals through concept, design, data collection, interpretation and dissemination. A valuable text for researchers and clinicians alike.


Elaine Lennan, Consultant Nurse, University Hospital Southampton

These research topics are well explained, with clear chapter layouts, it is packed with information and the glossary is superb. It represents excellent value for money...The overriding strength is the comprehensive coverage of the essential components of the research pathway, excellent diagrams, references and examples...Any healthcare student who is just starting on a research course (degree/masters) would benefit from using this book. Also, clinical staff who are involved in research projects (perhaps on the periphery) who want to know more about how problems are researched in practice.

Liz Lees, Clinical Doctoral Research Fellow (NIHR) & Consultant Nurse, University of Manchester & Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust
Nursing Times

...The book has been well thought out and covers the important elements of literature reviews in a simplified way, which is helpful to health and social care professionals who are often undertaking their studies on a part-time basis...

Dr Jo Wilson, Health Care Researcher
Nursing Times

This is a clear and very easy to understand text, it provides guidence for the student in a supportive manner. I like the ease of navigation and the key points. Just one small issue though might be the lack of colour in the text although I do understand the finances behind this. But an excellent text all together

Ms Joanne O'Donnell
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work, Univ. of Manchester
March 12, 2015

Good text but not essential information

Mr Chris Palmer
School of Health Sciences, Nottingham University
March 9, 2015

Patricia Cronin

Patricia Cronin is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin. She is a registered General Nurse and her clinical background is in surgical and gastrointestinal nursing. She has a special interest in theory, and research and systematic review methodologies and considerable expertise in qualitative research methodologies. She is also a contributor and member of the editorial board for an online clinical skills training tool. Her research interests lie in the areas of chronic illness and gastrointestinal health in people with intellectual disability. She has published widely, co-authoring four books... More About Author

Michael Coughlan

Michael Coughlan is an Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing, Trinity College Dublin, where he has worked since 2002. He is a Registered Nurse Tutor and has been involved in nurse education for nearly 30 years. He has a wide experience in guiding and supervising students undertaking literature reviews and research studies at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level. His interests include research, and haematology and oncology nursing. He has a number of publications in these areas, in addition to co-authoring a number of books on literature reviews and research. Qualifications: MEd, MA, BNS, RPN, RGN, RNT. More About Author

Valerie Smith

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