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Understanding Modern Sociology

Understanding Modern Sociology

First Edition

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March 2003 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From the team that brought you the bestselling Understanding Classical Sociology (SAGE Publications, 1995), we now have a companion volume dealing with the modern period of social theory. An introductory chapter situates the reader in the main changes in society and sociology following the classic period. This is then followed by separate chapters giving a detailed account of four perspectives that are regarded to be of seminal importance - Functionalism, Critical Theory, Structuralism and Symbolic Interactionism. All of the popular features of Understanding Classical Sociology are reproduced in this book:

· Clarity of exposition and criticism

· A passion for the importance and relevance of sociological reasoning and explanation

· A commitment to treat social theory as a living tradition of thought

In addition, the volume comes with a variety of pedagogic aids including summary points and key definitions to facilitate learning and study.

This is a book that enhances the sociological imagination. It draws on the authors deep understanding and experience of teaching the subject over many decades. It will be welcomed by lecturers as a vital new teaching and research aid, and students will be stimulated and enriched by the unfussy and reliable advice on doing sociology that it imparts.

The Background to Modern Sociology
The Frankfurt School and Critical Theory
Concluding Remarks

'Continuing their journey after the success of Understanding Classical Social Theory, the authors have provided students with a valuable exposition of the dominant trends in contemporary sociology which is likely to have a wide appeal.' Tim May Professor of Sociology, University of Salford

A good book which some of my students have found useful when discussing current themes of sociology.

Miss Laura Cobbin
Education, Peterborough Regional College
September 9, 2016

A clear and concise review of key thinkers and strands in contemporary Sociology.

Dr Gabe Mythen
Sociology , Liverpool University
November 12, 2009

Wes Sharrock

Wes Sharrock has spent his entire career since 1965 in sociology until his retirement in 2017 at the University of Manchester. His main interests have been in the philosophy of social science and in ethnomethodology, and he has published widely on issues of sociological principle and empirical research in these areas.Wes has explored two central themes—the relevance of fieldwork and an understanding of ordinary language for an understanding of social practice and the respecification of social theory—pursuing them across a huge variety of settings, from ordinary scenes of everyday social life through to complex domains of practical action... More About Author

John Hughes

Alan Pratt

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