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Understanding Medicines Management for Nursing Students

Understanding Medicines Management for Nursing Students

March 2022 | 200 pages | Learning Matters
Understanding medicines management is central to the nursing role. As a nurse, you will need to make informed decisions about medicine use and optimisation, tailored to each patient. This book equips you with the theoretical and practical foundation to do just that. It covers all key components of medicines management, using a scenario-based approach to illustrate how each topic relates to your practice.

Key features
·       Fully mapped to the NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018)
·       Scenarios and activities help you to translate the theory into nursing practice
·       Acts as a stepping stone to support your readiness to undertake a prescribing qualification upon registration
Chapter 1: Commonly used medicines information resources
Chapter 2: What is a medicine?
Chapter 3: Legal and ethical considerations in medicines management
Chapter 4: Medicine formulation, routes of administration, and dosing
Chapter 5: Adverse effects of medicines and patient safety
Chapter 6: Medicines management considerations across the lifespan
Chapter 7: Societal implications of medicines use
Chapter 8: Evidence based medicines management

Paul Deslandes

Paul Deslandes is a registered pharmacist and senior lecturer in medicines management and prescribing at the University of South Wales, UK. He has an interest in psychopharmacology and medicines used to treat mental illness. More About Author

Ben Pitcher

Ben Pitcher is a registered nurse and senior lecturer in life sciences and medicines management at the University of South Wales, UK. He has a background in pharmacology and critical care nursing. More About Author

Simon Young

Simon Young is an Academic Subject Manager at the University of South Wales. He is registered practicing pharmacist and prescriber. His teaching role encompasses all aspects of managing medicines and prescribing and his research interests include safe and effective medicines use. More About Author

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