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Understanding Management Critically

Understanding Management Critically
A Student Text

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320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In these times of global economic crisis, social unrest towards the powers that be, and a yearning for alternative systems and organization, it is now more relevant than ever for you to take a critical stance to your management studies in order to analyse, understand and question the world around you and the capitalist stronghold in which you live and work.

This new thought-provoking text uses critical theory and revolutionary ideas to help you challenge the status quo and prevailing ideologies in management. It covers key issues, thinkers and topics in an accessible style to provide a broad and clear understanding of vital theory which is applied to the real world through international case studies and reflective questions and think points for you to carry into practice.

A companion website provides additional learning materials for personal study and class activities.

This text is essential reading for any undergraduate or postgraduate student studying critical management or any management course with a critical slant.

Raising Critical Consciousness in Management Studies
Influential Thinkers and the Critical Discourse
Neo-liberalism, Globalisation and the Global Economy
Organisational Structures and the Idea of Work
Politics, Power and Control within Organisations
Gender, Race and Class Diversities in the Workplace
Consumer Culture, Commodities and Consumption
Sustainability and Ecological Responsibility under Capitalism
Studying Leaders and Leadership Critically
Reflections on Self, Other and Organisations


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A critical look at today’s challenges, this made-for-classroom resource questions the assumptions of an “old school” management education system, and turns the spotlight on management education for people and planet.

Jonas Haertle
Head, PRME Secretariat, United Nations Global Compact Office, New York

'This is an urgent text. It insists that management education should indeed be education, not indoctrination. For the authors, education always carries the promise of emancipation from the exploitations of the working world for both students and teachers, and the liberation of this planet from ignorance of those who would plunder it. The authors rightly trust that given the right critical tools and resources, management students can recognise and confront the propaganda issued by many business schools and business scholars on such topics as leadership and globalisation. This book provides those crucial tools and resources.'

Stefano Harney
Professor of Strategic Management, Singapore Management University

‘This book includes crucial reflection to prepare managers, students and teachers to go deeper into topics, get fired up, and take critical management action.’

David M. Boje, Wells Fargo Professor & Distinguished University Professor
Management Department, College of Business, New Mexico State University

Great book, however not appropriate for the course I teach on

Miss Elizabeth Selina Green
Business and Law, University of the West Of England
August 5, 2015

This Module was withdrawn from the 2014-15 academic programme.

Mr William Metcalf
Faculty of Business and Law, Lincoln University
March 16, 2015

The book has been recommended for the module, but since I have left the institution I cannot confirm if it had being adopted.

Dr Natalia Yakovleva
Surrey Business school, Surrey University
January 27, 2015

An excellent text that is packed with thought provoking content to engage the student.

Mr Rajesh Sharma
Department of Business & Law, Croydon College
October 14, 2014

Supports adopted textbooks from a critical perspective.

Dr Mo Willan
August 13, 2014

Good supplement to core text

Ms Patricia Wilson
Management and Business Systems, Bedfordshire University
August 12, 2014

The is an excellent supplementary textbook

Mr Martin Sposato
Department of Human Resource Managemen, Middlesex Univ.
June 2, 2014

Suzette Dyer

Dr. Suzette Dyer lectures in Human Resource Management in the Department of Strategy and Human Resource Management in the Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Her current research interests include globalization, flexibility and work place change, career management and development, women's experiences in complex organizations, and the settlement experiences of migrants. She also has a keen interest indeveloping critical pedagogy in the management classroom. Currently, she is collaboratively working on projects investigating the impact of changes to work on single-industry towns, the emotional... More About Author

Maria Humphries

Dr. Maria Humphries is an Associate Professor in the Department of Strategy and Human Resource Management in the Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Maria created and taught the first 'Business, Government and Society' course at the School in 1990. She co-initiated the early courses in 'Women and Management' that continue to be taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Maria was closely involved in the creation of a programme of studies focused on the development of indigenous management theories and practice. Various versions of the critical examination of management and civil society... More About Author

Dale E. Fitzgibbons

Dr. Dale Fitzgibbons is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management & Quantitative Methods at Illinois State University, USA. He teaches strategy, corporate social responsibility, and environmental management using a critical perspective. He is the Program Director for the minor in Business, Environment, and Society in the MQM Department. His research interests are at the intersection of critical theory and sustainability, critical pedagogy, social/economic justice, corporate corruption, and indigenous knowledge and management education. He is a strong supporter of the United Nations’ Principles for Management Education. He... More About Author

Fiona Hurd

Ms. Fiona Hurd is a doctoral student in Human Resource Management in the Department of Strategy and Human Resource Management in the Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Her thesis examines, through an identity lens, the impact of globalization on work, workers and communities. Her wider research and teaching interests include critical management studies and pedagogy, gender and organisation, and critical perspectives on strategic management, organizational behavior, and career management and development.   More About Author