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Understanding Islam

Understanding Islam
A Guide for Teachers

March 2020 | 312 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Misconceptions and misunderstandings about Islam and fear of causing offence can be barriers to being an effective teacher in a diverse school. This book aims to give non-Muslim teachers the confidence to engage meaningfully with important facets of Muslim pupils’ lives leading to a richer and more rewarding experience in the classroom.

Aspects of Islam explored include: the foundations and obligations of faith, ethical dimensions placed upon Muslims, the importance of education in Muslim communities and contemporary issues faced by communities in the UK. To deepen your understanding, each chapter is enriched by case studies linked to the classroom, expert voices that offer authenticity and reflective tasks that encourage you to consider key concepts in greater depth.

This is essential reading for new and experienced teachers in primary and secondary schools wishing to deepen their knowledge of Islam.


Part 1: Key concepts in Islam
Chapter 1: Allah
Chapter 2: The Word of God
Chapter 3: The Prophet of God
Chapter 4: The Stories of Prophets
Chapter 5: Foundations of Faith
Chapter 6: Obligations of Faith
Chapter 7: Expression of Practices
Part 2: Contemporary issues
Chapter 8: Ethical dimensions
Chapter 9: Education in Muslim Communities
Chapter 10: The Shia Traditions
Chapter 11: Muslim heritage and intellectual contributions
Chapter 12: Islam and contemporary Britain

A good introduction to Islam for a general reading and to support learning related to Muslims in Britain and Muslims in the Media.

Mr Nasrullah Anwar
Public Services, Runshaw College - Chorley
November 6, 2020

Imran Mogra

Imran Mogra is a senior lecturer in professional studies and religious education at Birmingham City University, United Kingdom. He teaches on the undergraduate and post graduates courses. Imran is the author of Jumpstart! RE (Routledge, 2018). He has published numerous academic and professional articles. More About Author