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Understanding Identity and Organizations

Understanding Identity and Organizations

December 2011 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An understanding of identity is fundamental to a complete understanding of organizational life. While conventional management textbooks touch on in-groups, cohesion and discrimination, Understanding Identity and Organizations offers instead a deeper, more nuanced understanding of why people, groups and organizations behave the way they do. With conceptions of identity perhaps less stable than they have ever been, Willmott, Whittle and Kenny make complex theoretical issues accessible to the reader through the use of lively examples from popular culture. The authors present an overview of the key issues, as well as an examination of cutting-edge research and topical forces currently redefining identity, such as globalization, the fair trade movement and online identities.

This text is a succinct, relevant and exciting overview of the field of identity studies as it relates to business and management and applied social sciences, and is an invaluable resource to undergraduate and postgraduate students of management on any course that has an identity component.

Introduction to Understanding Identity
Identity vs Personality
Identity on the Management Agenda: A Brief History
How Do Individual and Organizational Identities Interact?
Introducing the Book
Suggested Reading
Theoretical Perspectives on Identity
Social Identity Theory (SIT)
Foucauldian Perspective
Symbolic Interactionism
Narrative Approaches
Micro-Interactional Approaches
Application Exercise - The Case of Frances
Suggested Reading
Sample Exam/Assignment Questions
Diversity and Identity
Identity as a Social Category
Identity as a Process of Social Construction
Suggested Reading
Sample Exam/Assignment Questions
Occupational Identities
The Meaning of Work
Occupational Cultures and Boundaries
Managerial Identities
Professional Identities
The Dirty, the Deviant and the Degrading
Unpaid Work and Unemployment
When I Grow Up I Want To Be …
Suggested Reading
Sample Exam/Assignment Questions
Identity and Organizational Control
Overview and Introduction
Bringing Identity to Work
Managing Culture
Managing Identities
Identification and Dis-identification
Suggested Reading
Sample Exam/Assignment Questions
Organizational Identity
Organizational Identity: What Is It and Why Does It Matter?
Organizational Identity - Properties or Beliefs?
Types of Organizational Identity
Power in (and of) Organizational Identity
Suggested Reading
Sample Exam/Assignment Questions
Virtual Identity
Overview and Introduction
Competing Perspectives: Technological Determinism and Social Constructionism
New Connections and Identity: Online Communities
Virtual Identity, Power and Control
Teleworking and Identity
Suggested Reading
Sample Exam/Assignment Questions
The Future of Identity
Strong Attachments and Totalizing Workplaces?
Weak Attachments and the 'Flexible' Firm
New Public Management
Identity and the Global, Virtual Firm
The Future of Diversity
Suggested Reading
Glossary of Terms

Very interesting and accessible. Covers all the main areas well with up to date literature. Good for undergraduates

Ms Jacqueline O' Toole
Social Science , Institution of Technolgy, Sligo
March 19, 2012

This is a brilliant book. One of the best I have read.

Mr Harry Miller
Business School, Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
March 7, 2012

Fantastic book, but lacks some aspects I need in teaching.

Mr Mikko Saastamoinen
Social Science , University of Eastern Finland
January 24, 2012

This text gives new insight into the nature of organisational identity. It brings together in a very interesting way the many ways of thinking about organisations. The powerful impact of organisational culture on the members is very well explained.

Dr David Lawlor
Child and Family, Tavistock Centre
January 17, 2012

Will add it as recommended reading to MBA Class

Dr Lars Strannegard
Department of Economic Statistics, Stockholm School of Economics
February 7, 2011

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One

Kate Kenny

Andrea Whittle

Andrea Whittle (BSc(Hons), PhD) is Professor of Management and Organization Studies at Newcastle University Business School. Before joining Newcastle University in 2013, she held a Chair in Organization Studies at Cardiff University. Andrea holds a first class honours degree in Natural Science from Durham University and gained her PhD in Sociology from Brunel University at the Centre for Research into Innovation, Culture and Technology (CRICT). After an ESRC funded post-doctoral research fellowship at Said Business School, University of Oxford, Andrea joined Cardiff University in 2004. Her research is driven by a passion for understanding... More About Author

Hugh Willmott

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