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Understanding Homicide

Understanding Homicide

Second Edition

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Homicide | Violent Crime

248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In this engaging and accessible book, Brookman draws upon several decades of her own research on homicide and violence, including ethnographic research on homicide investigation in the UK and USA and interviews with violent offenders, in order to unravel the characteristics and causes of homicide, how police and forensic scientists investigate it and how it can be prevented.

Synthesising bespoke new analysis of the Home Office Homicide Index with case studies of homicides and international debate and literature, this comprehensive textbook will be a valuable resource for students studying homicide, violence, its investigation and responses to it, as well as researchers and practitioners interested in homicide and violence.

Part One: Placing Homicide in Context
Chapter 1: Deconstructing Homicide
Chapter 2: Patterns and Characteristics of Homicide in the UK
Part Two: Explanations of Homicide
Chapter 3: Biological Explanations of Homicide
Chapter 4: Psychological Explanations of Homicide
Chapter 5: Sociological Explanations of Homicide
Part Three: Making Sense of Particular Forms of Homicide
Chapter 6: Homicide Amongst Males
Chapter 7: Femicide
Chapter 8: Women Killing Men
Chapter 9: The Killing of Children
Chapter 10: Corporate Homicide
Part Four: Dealing with Homicide
Chapter 11: The Investigation of Homicide
Chapter 12: Preventing Homicide

Fiona Brookman

Fiona Brookman is Professor of Criminology at the University of South Wales, UK. She obtained her PhD from Cardiff University in 2000 and has, since then, researched and published mainly in the fields of homicide, violence and policing.  Using qualitative research methods, her research focuses on the causes of homicide and violence, narratives of violence and the investigation and prevention of homicide. She has extensive experience of conducting in-depth interviews with violent offenders, detectives and forensic scientists, and of shadowing homicide detectives (in Britain and America).  She recently completely a four-year... More About Author