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Understanding Ethics for Nursing Students

Understanding Ethics for Nursing Students

Third Edition

April 2020 | 192 pages | Learning Matters

Ethics have an significant impact on the decisions nurses make in their day-to-day work, so it’s important for all student nurses to develop their understanding of ethical frameworks as preparation for future practice. In this book, the author explains ethical ideas, theories and concepts in simple to understand terms, focussing on real-life nursing situations in order to make applying these principles to practice easy. This book will make student nurses consider their own values, and how ethics fit into who they are and how they behave, helping them to unlock this interesting and complex subject.

Key features:

·        Fully mapped to the new NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018)

·        A practical guide that explores how ethics applies to nursing and where theory fits in

·        Contains real work case studies with an emphasis on ethical decision making

·        Activities challenge students to reflect on their own values, experiences and prejudices and think about how ethics fits in with who they are and how they behave

Chapter 1: Introducing ethics
Chapter 2: Developing ethical understanding through reflection
Chapter 3: What ethics is and what ethics is not
Chapter 4: Ethical Theories
Chapter 5: Rights
Chapter 6: Protecting and promoting autonomy
Chapter 7: Dilemmas at the start and end of life
Chapter 8: Your ethical future

This book provides the essential ethical, reflective approach that is needed in nursing, offering a framework which helps guide and develop an individual’s own thoughts, and encouraging decision-making that is based on a sound ethical understanding. It strengthens the ability of nurses to develop the values that will underpin their work and enable them to offer ethical services and leadership in the years to come.

Celia Pyke-Lees, Retired Chief Executive; St Michael's Hospice, St. Leonards on Sea

A very useful book for students and teachers. Happy to use it.

Mr Maxwell Efosa Omoruyi
Nursing, University of Sunderland in London
May 14, 2020

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Peter Ellis

Professor Ellis trained as a psychiatrist in Wellington and was appointed Professor in 1994. He was Head of Department from 1994-2017. Between 2012 and 2018 he was also Associate Dean for Medical Education, UOW. His research interests included affective disorders and suicidal behavior; service delivery; medical education; and the history of psychiatric treatments More About Author

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