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Understanding Corporate Life

Understanding Corporate Life

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Organization Studies

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We live in a society dominated by corporations. Whether working for one or pursuing leisure activities run by one, corporations have come to resonate throughout every aspect of our lives.

This book brings to the forefront contemporary and contested themes and issues about corporate life. Each chapter is written by a leading scholar who demonstrates how these issues and themes have been contextualized and theorized within writing and research.

Each chapter supports the reader with an introduction and summary, review of the relevant literature and research, and a critique of how the theme under discussion fits into the bigger picture presented by the book.

Understanding Corporate Life is of interest to students and researchers in the areas of organizational studies, organizational behavior, HRM as well as sociology, social psychology, social theory, leisure studies, media and cultural studies.

J Martin Corbett
Christopher Grey
Philip Hancock
Aesthetics and Aestheticization
Andre[ac] Spicer
Karen Legge
Glenn Morgan
Chris Land
Nick Llewellyn
Jacky Swann and Maxine Robertson
Emma Surman and Andrew Sturdy

'Taking a fresh approach, this volume digs into the interstices of corporate life. It opens up dimensions and issues - such as time, space, speed and community - that are largely unexamined in standard textbooks' -
Hugh Willmott, Professorial Research Fellow in Organizational Behaviour, Cardiff University and Fellow in Organisational Behaviour,
Judge Business School, Cambridge

'The life and death of contemporary corporations become more and more mysterious to wider audiences, in spite of the fact that these creations densely populate today's societies. In this book, a team of experienced organization theorists does an excellent job in bringing to light both bright and dark sides of complex organizations operating in the time of crises and transformation. This collection will prove indispensable for all those students, researchers and practitioners who look beyond the tired platitudes of conventional organization and management textbooks' -
Barbara Czarniawska, Professor of Management Studies,
University of Gothenburg

Very helpful and thought-provoking presentation of important issues and controversies regarding corporate life.

Mr Christian Lystbaek
Institute of Business and Technology, Aarhus University
December 27, 2012

The book introduces many salient concepts that a student of global governance is required to know. Even those students of global governance who are as yet uninitiated with the particulars of private governance will find the glossary very helpful.

Dr Guenther Auth
Geschwister-Scholl Institute, Ludwig-Maximilians University
November 6, 2012

Excellent critical overview of corporate life. Handy for giving a broad base, challenging understanding of the context in which leadership occurs.

Mr Richard Cotter
Management , National University of Ireland, Maynooth
April 25, 2012

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Chapter One

The Warwick Org Theory Network

Philip Hancock

Andre Spicer

André Spicer is an Associate Professor of Organisation Studies at Warwick Business School. His research focuses on how globalisation is achieved and resisted in and around organisations. He is investigating (1) the implications of globalisation for public broadcasters, (2) the organization of global social movements and (3) responses by organised labour to restructuring initiatives driven by globalisation – particularly in the port industry. Underlying this empirical research is a theoretical commitment to understanding globalisation as discursively negotiated process of re-scaling space. André has lectured in New Zealand, Australia,... More About Author

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