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Understanding Community Media

Understanding Community Media

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September 2009 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With original contributions from an international team of well-known experts, media activists, and promising young scholars, this comprehensive volume examines community media from theoretical, empirical, historical, and practitioner perspectives.

Organized thematically, this collection explores the intersection between community media and issues of democratic theory and the public sphere, cultural politics and social movement theory, neoliberal communication policy and media reform efforts, as well as media activism and international solidarity building. Foregrounding the relationship between symbolic and material relations of power in an increasingly interdependent world, this collection examines the role of alternative, independent, and community-based media in the global struggle for communicative democracy.

Understanding Community Media explores a wide range of media forms and practice. Each essay considers the particular and distinctive ways local populations make use of various technologies for purposes of community communication. Taken together, this distinctive collection provides an incisive and timely analysis of the relationship between media and society, technology and culture, and communication and community.

• Features more than 35 original, cutting-edge essays

• Provides a comprehensive overview of community media around the world including essays on women's video collectives in India, indigenous radio in Colombia, street newspapers in Canada, and independent media in Nigeria.

• Makes a timely and important contribution to a burgeoning sub-field of media and cultural studies.

Charles Fairchild
1. Social Solidarity and Constituency Relationships in Community Radio
Pantelis Vatikiotis
2. Democratic Potential of Citizens' Media Practices
George McKay
3. Community Arts and Music, Community Media: Cultural Politics and Policy in Britain Since the 1960s
Otto Leopold Tremetzberger
4. Collaborative Pipelines
Kevin Howley
5. Notes on a Theory of Community Radio
Mojca Plansak, Zala Volcic
6. Reimagining National Belonging With Community Radio
Nkosi Ndlela
7. Alternative Media and the Political Public Sphere in Zimbabwe
Vanessa Parlette
8. Toronto Street News as a Counterpublic Sphere
Ian Goodwin
9. Evaluating Community Informatics as a Means for Local Democratic Renewal
Shayna Plaut
10. Mapping Communication Patterns Between Romani Media and Romani NGOs in the Republic of Macedonia
Maria Victoria Guglietti
11. Aboriginal Internet Art and the Imagination of Community
Tanja Dreher
12. Media Interventions in Racialized Communities
Lynette Bondarchuk, Ondine Park
13. Community Collaboration in Media and Arts Activism: A Case Study
Rita Rahoi-Gilchrest
14. Examining the Successes and Struggles of New Zealand's Maori TV
Matt Sienkiewicz
15. Itche Kadoozy, Orthodox Representation, and the Internet as Community Media
Shawn Sobers
16. Positioning Education Within Community Media
Sourayan Mookerjea
17. Dalitbahujan Women's Autonomous Video
Philip Denning
18. Coketown and Its Alternative Futures
Aku Kwamie
19. Addressing Stigma and Discrimination Through Participatory Media Planning
Mario Alfonso Murillo
20. Indigenous Community Radio and the Struggle for Social Justice in Colombia
Dandan Liu
21. Ethnic Community Media and Social Change: A Case in the United States
Claudia Magallanes-Blanco
22. A Participatory Model of Video Making: The Case of Colectivo Perfil Urbano
Brian Woodman
23. Feminist Guerrilla Video in the Twin Cities
Rosalind Bresnahan
24. Community Radio and Video, Social Activism, and Neoliberal Public Policy in Chile During the Transition From Dictatorship to Neoliberal Democracy
Gergely Gosztonyi
25. Past, Present, and Future of the Hungarian Community Radio Movement
Stefania Milan
26. Community Media Activists in Transnational Policy Arenas
Bernadette Barker-Plummer, Dorothy Kidd
27. Closings and Openings: Media Restructuring and the Public Sphere
Sascha D. Meinrath, Victor W. Pickard
28. The Rise of the Intranet Era
Fiona Jeffries
29. "Asking We Walk": The Zapatista Revolution of Speaking and Listening
Elvira Truglia
30. Radio Voices Without Frontiers Global Antidiscrimination Broadcast
Anne Marie Todd
31. Media Activism for Global Justice
Carlos Fontes
32. The Global Turn in the Alternative Media Movement

Wonderful compilation of soon-to-be canonical texts regarding community and alternative media. Strongly suggested for activists, students and academics especially engaged with critical analysis of media-saturated modern societies and the role communities play within this world.

Mr Ilkin Mehrabov
Dept of Media & Communication Studies, Karlstad University
February 12, 2013

This book has too much of an political angle on community media for my course, which focuses more on the social and phenomenological aspects.

Mrs Mette Abildgaard
Institut for Litteratur, Kultur og Medier, University of Southern Denmark
September 12, 2011

helpful concerning new media communities' mentalities!

Professor Dr. Christoph Jacke
Popular Music and Media, University of Paderborn
June 8, 2010

This book has a rich range of case studies that would allow students to develop a wide and varied appreciation of international contexts and media forms

Dr Daniel Ashton
Department of Film and Media Production, Bath Spa University
April 30, 2010

The text offers a very good combination of theory and practice. At first I thought I could only use portions of the book, but after further consideration I have decided to require it for this course.

Ms Bonnie McEwan
Milano School of Management & Policy, New School University
December 13, 2009

Kevin Howley

Kevin Howley, Ph.D., 1997, Indiana University is an Associate Professor of Media Studies at DePauw University. Dr. Howley’s research and teaching interests include the political economy of communication, cultural politics, and the relationship between media and social movements. He is author of Community Media: People, Places, and Communication Technologies (Cambridge, 2005). His work has appeared in the Journal of Radio Studies, Journalism: Theory, Practice, and Criticism, Television and New Media, the International Journal of Cultural Studies, and Social Movement Studies. A contributing writer for The Bloomington Alternative, Dr. Howley... More About Author

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