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Understanding Celebrity

Understanding Celebrity

First Edition

160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Graeme Turner is one of the leading figures in cultural studies today. When his gaze turns to celebrity, the result is a readable and compelling

account of this most perplexing and infuriating of modern phenomena. Read on!' - Toby Miller, New York University

We cannot escape celebrity culture: it is everywhere. So just what is the cultural function of celebrity?

This is the first comprehensive overview of the production and consumption of celebrity from within cultural and media studies. The pervasive influence of contemporary celebrity, and the cultures it produces, has been widely noticed. Earlier studies, though, have tended to focus on the consumption of celebrity or on particular locations of celebrity - Hollywood, or the sports industries for instance. This book presents a broad survey across all media as well as a new synthesis of theoretical positions, that will be welcomed by all students of media and cultural studies. Among its attributes are the following:

-It provides an overview and evaluation of the key debates surrounding the definition of celebrity, its history, and its social and cultural function.

-It examines the `celebrity industries': the PR and publicity structures that manufacture celebrity.

-It looks at the cultural processes through which celebrity is consumed.

-It draws examples from the full range of contemporary media - film, television, newspapers, magazines and the web.

Understanding Celebrity
The Economy of Celebrity
Manufacturing Celebrity
Celebrity, the Tabloid and the Democratic Public Sphere
The Cultural Function of Celebrity
Consuming Celebrity
Celebrity and Public Culture Today


"Graeme Turner is a renowned cultural studies scholar and this book on celebrity demonstrates reasons for he renown. Turner's book is very thorough and comprehensive and should be included on any student reading list for courses that look at celebrity. Turner includes an extensive bibliography which will assist those who are beginning work on celebrity and this most readable book will help to promote further debate on this fascinating area."

Maria Way
University of Westminister
A Quarterly Review of Communication Research

Quite interesting approach and a very comprehensive book on celebrity studies. Very important for me to help students understand media role in this process of celebrity

Mrs Paula Cordeiro
Communications, ISCSP (UTL)
February 1, 2012

The book provides chapters on the emergency of celebrity, theorisation of celebrity, commodification of celebrity, consumption of celebrity, relationship between the media and celebrity. It also introduces relaionship between culture and celebrity - celebrity as a culture-shaping force, celebrity as a mass-regulating force, celebrity as a discourse and so on. All these, I find foundational in understanding celebrity and celebrity culture. However, I would like a more elaborated discussions on them as I find his discussions rather brief (the book is fairly thin). In addition, I would like the inclusion of the approaches of Marxist, Frankfurt School, Post-structuralist and Psychoanalysis to celebrities. Some of these have been discussed, but more in-depth analysis of celebrity from these perspectives would help studens deepen their understanding of celebrity. Over all, this book offers a comprehensive overview that is essential to the understanding of celebrities, celebrity culture and celebrity industry.

Dr Miyoung Oh
Department of Sport, Sheffield Hallam University
October 20, 2010

An excellent explanation of key concepts in the creation and consumption of celebrity. Clearly written and accessible.

Mr Philip Dixon
Faculty of Media, Arts and Society, Southampton Solent University
July 28, 2010

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Graeme Turner

Graeme Turner is Professor of Cultural Studies at the Centre for Critical and Cultural Studies, The University of Queensland, Australia More About Author

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