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Understanding and Using Educational Theories

Understanding and Using Educational Theories

Third Edition

March 2022 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This textbook gives readers a clear overview of a selection of 19 of the most influential thinkers on education, including established names (Vygotsky, Bruner, Dewey), more recent thinkers (Freire, hooks, Claxton) and other key names whose writing has helped shaped our views on teaching and learning. 

Each chapter includes practical examples showing how theories can be used to inform classroom teaching, and critiques of each theorist exploring opposing viewpoints and the strengths and weaknesses of different ideas.

This third edition includes:

  • New chapters on Barak Rosenshine and Daniel Goleman
  • Revamped reflective tasks with a greater practical focus for the classroom
  • More models and theoretical diagrams throughout

This is an essential primer for any university course that includes learning theory, with particular relevance for initial teacher education, education studies and early childhood degrees.

Karl Aubrey has recently retired from his post at Bishop Grosseteste University.

Alison Riley is the Programme Leader for the BA Early Childhood Studies at Bishop Grosseteste University.

John Dewey: A Democratic Notion of Learning
Maria Montessori: Liberating the Child
Jean Piaget: Understanding the Mind of the Child
Lev Vygotsky: An Early Social Constructivist Viewpoint
B.F. Skinner: The Father of Operant Conditioning
Benjamin Bloom: Learning Through Taxonomies
Malcolm S. Knowles: Contextualising Adult Learning
Jerome Bruner: An Evolution of Learning Theories
Albert Bandura: Learning Through Observation
Urie Bronfenbrenner: The Ecology of Human Development
Paulo Freire: Oppression, Freedom and Critical Approaches to Education
Donald Schön: Reflection and Learning
David Kolb: Experiential Learning Theory
Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger: Socially Situated Learning and Communities of Practice
Barak Rosenshine: Principles of Instruction
Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence
Guy Claxton: Learning Power
Dylan Wiliam: Assessment for Learning
Carol Dweck: Mindsets and Motivation

An excellent reference book, well organised into theorists for even greater clarity. Easily accessible for students and clearly written, allowing for application of theory into practice. I will be recommending this for my students - just what I was looking for.

Mrs Gabrielle Morley
Education, Blackburn College
August 4, 2022

Clear and succinct, a balanced and objective introduction to key theorists.

Mr Paul Brooks
Cardiff School of Education Cyncoed, Cardiff Metropolitan University
July 6, 2022

This is such a great reference tool, either for the tutor before each session or for students at any time to dig a little deeper into a theory mentioned in study. loads of references and links rot further reading...if required.

Mr Donald Moyse
Command Training, Sussex Police
May 30, 2022

The depth that each key thinker is covered in is helpful as an springboard text for trainees on the PGCE. Key chapters have been signposted to in the reading list.

Miss Chloe Hindmarsh
Division of Education and Humanities, Sheffield Hallam University
November 22, 2022

This book provides a clear overview of learning theory in an easy to understand format for students across our Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. The underlying principles in relation to learning theory pedagogy form a thread throughout the text and offers some balances perspectives that are useful for the critical approach we would like our trainee teachers to adopt. I have recommended this text to our library services to add this to the reading list for our PGCE secondary cohort which is approximately 150 students and to our online distance learning and international PGCE.

Miss Karen Williams
Arts, Creative Industries and Education, University of The West of England
July 25, 2022

Simple introduction to educational theory. easy to read and understand to build on knowledge.

Ms Marsha louise Evans
Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences, Birmingham City University
May 27, 2022

Level 4 good basic level 4 theorist support

Mrs Jane Joyce
AHed, Peter Symond's College
July 6, 2022

This is a really helpful introductory guide for students who can then go off and do further research on a particular theorist.

Miss Rachel Hunter
Education and Children's Services, Chester University
December 15, 2022

This book explores a range of educational theorists offering a critically analytical approach of ideas, highlighting ways to apply theory to practice. It is clearly written, easy to digest and presented in a practical and logical order.

This book is a fantastic addition to anyone's reading list who is required to understand the thinking and background of theorists in relation to teaching practice, particularly teaching pre and post secondary.

Mrs Carly Blackburn
Social and Community Practice, Bradford College
March 27, 2022

very clear, readable overview of important theories that will be a useful reference source for a number of modules

Mr Richard Millican
Department of Education, Gloucestershire University
May 11, 2022

Karl Aubrey

Karl Aubrey is a Visiting Tutor on the Professional Studies in Education programmes at Bishop Grosseteste University. Prior to this Karl was the Programme Leader for a range of initial teacher education and professional development programmes at a large city further education college. Between 2003 and 2005 he was seconded to the DfES Standards Unit as a learning and teaching practitioner in the East Midlands. Karl has contributed to the Oxford Dictionary of Education. His doctoral thesis explored the reforms in further education teacher education from 2000 to 2010, from the viewpoint of teacher educators. Karl’s research interests include... More About Author

Alison Riley

Alison Riley is the Programme Leader for the BA(Hons) Early Childhood Studies degree at Bishop Grosseteste University, she has also worked on a number of educational-related programmes at the university including initial teaching training courses. Prior to joining Bishop Grosseteste University Alison spent sixteen years working in primary education, as a classroom teacher, deputy head teacher and finally head teacher of a large junior school. Alison has been involved in a number of collaborative projects and has recently been involved in an EU-funded project researching ‘Creativity in Early Science and Mathematics Education’. Alison has... More About Author

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