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Understanding and Teaching Primary Geography

Understanding and Teaching Primary Geography

Second Edition

June 2018 | 600 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book outlines how good teaching of primary geography can extend children's world awareness and help them make connections between their environmental and geographical experiences. Chapters offer guidance on important learning and teaching issues as well as the use and creation of resources from the school environment to the global context. It covers all the key topics in primary geography including: understanding places physical and human geography environmental sustainability learning outside the classroom global issues citizenship and social justice. Summaries, classroom examples and practical and reflective tasks are included throughout to foster understanding and support the effective teaching of primary geography.
PART 1: Understanding primary geography
Geography in primary schools
Valuing geography; the importance and nature of geography
Children’s geographies: experience, awareness and understanding
Exploring places; key ideas in understanding places
Understanding the environment: aspects of physical, human and environmental geography
Exploring sustainability: environmental impact, sustainability and sustainable schools
Geography and social justice: citizenship, equity and controversial issues
Understanding geographical enquiry
Experiencing and visualising geography: fieldwork, photographs, artefacts and maps
PART 2: Exploring geography teaching and curriculum
In the beginning: geographical learning in the early years
Investigating the school and its grounds
Exploring locally, regionally and nationally
Exploring global dimensions and places elsewhere in the world
Planning primary geography teaching
Assessing geographical learning
Developing learning in primary geography education

This is a sizeable tome that will make an excellent staffroom resource so all teachers can follow the guidance set out by the book. Sadly, geography is a subject that can be sidelined but it is important for children as geography shapes the world around us and is an essential part of everyday life - it's also an absorbing subject which children enjoy for its relevance to themselves. This book emphasises and facilitates good teaching of primary geography to extend children's world awareness and help them make connections between their own environmental and geographical experiences; the case studies are especially helpful for this.

Sarah Brew
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Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1: Geography in primary schools

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Simon J Catling

Simon Catling is Assistant Dean of the Westminster Institute of Education at Oxford Brookes University. He spent many years as a classroom teacher in primary schools in London before moving into teacher education, where he has worked with primary trainee teachers as geography tutor. His recent research has been in such areas as children’s understanding of geography, the state of primary geography and the provision of geography in primary teacher training courses. He has run many primary geography workshops and extended geography in-service courses. He has written widely on geography in primary education, including regularly in Primary... More About Author

Tessa Willy

Tessa Willy has been Associate Professor, School Director of Teacher Education at Kingston University, UK, since early 2018. She spent the first years of her career as both a primary school teacher in a variety of different settings across the UK and a secondary-school geography teacher in the UK as well as in Malawi. Moving into higher education, she worked as senior lecturer in primary geography at the University of Roehampton, UK, where she developed an outdoor environmental area with colleagues and students that has been used as a model in initial teacher education and continuing professional development for teachers. Tessa's ... More About Author

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