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Understanding and Teaching Primary English

Understanding and Teaching Primary English
Theory Into Practice

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May 2021 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Inspiring and supporting students to become insightful, creative and professional teachers of primary English.  

Teaching children English is an opportunity to give them skills that will enrich their entire lives and is a crucial part of their intellectual development. Covering all major aspects of primary English and following the foundations set in the early years, this book takes students through your teacher training and into their early career in the classroom.

Each topic explores what we know from theory and the latest research, and then demonstrates how this understanding can be used in practice. Drawing on the authors’ own knowledge and experiences in the classroom, the book is full of practical advice and strategies to support teaching, while also helping trainees develop their subject knowledge.

Key topics include:

· Reading and writing in the early years

· Curriculum design and planning

· Promotive reading for pleasure and teachers as readers

· Teaching writing and its role as a form of communication

· Vocabulary development and word knowledge

· Assessment for formative and summative purposes

· Oracy and spoken language development

Part 1: English in the Early Years
Chapter 1: Reading in the Early Years: Theory
Chapter 2: Reading in the Early Years: Practice
Chapter 3: Writing in the Early Years: Theory
Chapter 4: Writing in the Early Years: Practice
Part 2: Oracy and spoken language
Chapter 5: Talk, Oracy and Spoken Language: Theory
Chapter 6: Talk, Oracy and Spoken Language: Practice
Part 3: Reading
Chapter 7: The Simple View of Reading: Theory
Chapter 8: The Simple View of Reading: Practice
Chapter 9: Becoming a Reader: Theory and practice in reading for pleasure
Chapter 10: Teachers as Readers – Understanding the Importance of Children’s Literature: Theory and Practice
Part 4: Writing
Chapter 11: The Teaching and Learning of Writing: Theory
Chapter 12: The Teaching and Learning of Writing: Practice
Chapter 13: Teaching Grammar and Punctuation in Context: Theory and practice
Part 5: Vocabulary and word knowledge
Chapter 14: Building Vocabulary and Word Knowledge: Theory and Practice
Part 6: Curriculum, planning and assessment
Chapter 15: Curriculum and Planning in Primary English: Theory
Chapter 16: Curriculum and Planning in Primary English: Practice
Chapter 17: Assessment in English: Theory
Chapter 18: Assessment in English: Practice

I love this book. The approach of connecting the theory to practical applications is brilliant and you will find yourself nodding in agreement throughout.

NATE, Primary Matters

Practical and clear advice on teaching and assessing English creatively

Faculty Of Education (Ormskirk), Edge Hill University
August 5, 2022

Fantastic addition to our core texts for Primary English in Level 5. The layout of theory into practice complements the lectures and workshops really well and it is increasingly my first resource when preparing to teach.

Education, Liverpool John Moores University
January 25, 2022

A useful supplement for teachers embarking on reading and writing skills with primary school aged learners.

Dr Louise Campbell
School of Education & Social Work, Dundee University
June 1, 2021

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 9 - Becoming a Reader

James Clements

James Clements is an experienced teacher, researcher, and education writer. He has worked with groups of schools, education organisations and governments in the UK and across the world. James’ principal areas of interest are children’s development of language and language comprehension, how schools create rich reading cultures, and authentic ways of supporting children’s written communication. Prior to this, James was a primary teacher and school leader in central London. He is the author of Teaching English by the Book. More About Author

Mathew Tobin

Mathew Tobin was a primary teacher and school leader for many years before becoming a senior lecturer in Primary English and Children's Literature. He continues to work closely with school practitioners and pupils particularly with a particular focus on raising standards in English. He is passionate about raising the profile of Reading Teachers and the Reflecting Realities agenda and teaches these areas at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level. Mathew is often invited to chair discussions around Children's Literature, deliver keynotes and is involved in various judging panels. His own research interests include exploring the... More About Author