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Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education

Understanding and Applying Assessment in Education

Second Edition

April 2024 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
All teachers are responsible for assessing the children they teach, and the outcomes of any assessment are important for individual learners, schools and wider education systems.

Designed as a pragmatic guide for new teachers and those training to teach, this book is your one-stop-shop for understanding assessment in schools. It covers formative and summative approaches used across primary and secondary education, supporting a balanced overview with policy examples drawn from the UK, Ireland and wider international contexts.

This updated second edition reflects recent trends in assessment and includes:
  • more balanced coverage across primary and secondary age phases with a broader range of examples across curriculum subject areas
  • a new chapter on the potential of digital assessment for both formative and summative purposes
  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on assessment in general, and examinations in particular
Damian Murchan is Associate Professor in the School of Education at Trinity College Dublin.
Gerry Shiel is a Research Fellow at the Educational Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland.
Ch1: Assessment, Teaching and Learning: How They Relate
Ch2: Understanding Formative Assessment
Ch3: Understanding Summative Assessment
Ch4: Implementing Formative Assessment
Ch5: Using Summative Assessments in Class
Ch6: Using Performance-Based Assessment In Class
Ch7: Realising the Potential of Digital Assessment
Ch8: Providing Feedback from Assessment
Ch9: Examinations and Standardised Tests
Ch10: Keeping Records and Reporting Assessment Outcomes
Ch11: Inclusive Approaches to Assessing Students
Ch12: Preparation for Assessment in School and Class
Ch13: Assuring Quality in Assessment: Validity, Reliability and Fairness
Ch14: Conclusions About Assessment in Education

Damian Murchan

Damian Murchan is Associate Professor in the School of Education at Trinity College Dublin. Formerly a teacher and principal in primary schools, he has held additional leadership positions as Head of the School of Education and Head of the School of Creative Arts in Trinity College. Involved in initial and continuing teacher education programmes for many years, he has wide experience of working with primary and second-level teachers, especially in the area of assessment. His research interests include assessment, e-learning, educational reform and professional development for teachers. Some recent projects have focused on reform of policy... More About Author

Gerry Shiel

Gerry Shiel is a Research Fellow at the Educational Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland, where he is working on the evaluation of a scheme to improve language outcomes in schools in Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking) areas. In the past, he has worked extensively on the development of tests of English, Irish and mathematics at primary and post-primary levels, and on national and international assessments, including the OECD’s Programme for International Assessment (PISA). He teachers a number of modules at the Institute of Education, Dublin City University and works as a consultant on assessment and evaluation for the World Bank. A former teacher... More About Author

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