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Twentieth Century Imperialism

Twentieth Century Imperialism
Shifting Contours and Changing Conceptions

First Edition
  • Rajen Harshé - President, Govind Ballabh Pant Social Science Institute, Allahabad, India

February 1997 | 276 pages | SAGE India
Located in the historical context of the twentieth century, this volume by author Rajen Harshe explores the dynamic tensions between the shifting contours of imperialism and the radical social theories that attempt to conceptualize them. Moving beyond the conventional parameters of capitalism, Twentieth-Century Imperialism probes various related conceptsùincluding colonialism, neo-colonialism, proto second-tier imperialism, hegemony (in a Gramscian sense), and social imperialismùin order to assess their theoretical and empirical validity in the context of the third world. Using examples drawn from a wide variety of countries, including the United States, France, Britain, Iran, and South Africa, this volume shares fresh perspectives and situates the discussions in the debates on imperialism and the third world. Author Rajen Harshe concludes that imperialism in the truest sense is very much alive today thanks to its resilience and cooptive capacities. Twentieth-Century Imperialism provides interesting analysis that will interest students and academics in political science, imperial history, international relations, economic history, and political thought.
Imperialism through Radical Prisms
A Critique

Neo-Colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa
An Ontological Construct

Imperialism, Intermediate Capitalist States and Apartheid South Africa
Gramscian Hegemony and Legitimation of Imperialism
Imperialism versus Emancipation
The Soviet Union and the Non-Aligned Third World

Perceptions on Imperialism

Rajen Harshe

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