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Treatment Strategies for Abused Children

Treatment Strategies for Abused Children
From Victim to Survivor

264 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Anyone who works with abused children has experienced the frustration of searching for appropriate materials to use in therapeutic settings. This activity-oriented resource - written to help young victims heal and gain control of their lives - provides hard-to-find supplements as well as background information and guidelines for use.

The authors offer a brief review of child sexual development and then present a four-stage approach to recovery for children aged from six to 12 years. Designed for use in conjunction with traditional therapeutic interventions, the volume guides therapists through establishing a therapeutic rapport to helping children explore the trauma, repair their sense of self and become future oriented. Special activities empower children to safely deal with trauma-related issues at each phase of healing. Case examples demonstrate how the activities can be applied, although therapists can determine which activities to use at any given stage of treatment.

A separate activity manual is provided with this book.

William N Friedrich
Introduction and Theory
Overview of Child Sexual Development
Phase One: Establishing the Therapeutic Rapport
Who Am I? Image Building, Goal Setting and Therapeutic Trust
Phase Two: Exploration of Trauma
Developing Trust and Being Safe
Memories, Nightmares and `Monsters'
Phase Three: Repairing the Sense of Self
Letting Go of Guilt and Shame
Working through the `Stuck' Feelings
Phase Four: Becoming Future Oriented
What Have I Learned?

Cheryl L. Karp

Traci L. Butler