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Transnational Religious Movements

Transnational Religious Movements
Faith’s Flows

First Edition
  • Jonathan D. James - Adjunct Lecturer, School of Communication and Arts, Edith Cowan University, Australia

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Sociology of Religion

September 2017 | 224 pages | SAGE India

This book studies the concepts and philosophies governing globalized faiths.

Transnational Religious Movements is a convincing narrative of how global religions have moved beyond spirituality to become key players in the world of welfare, education, economics, politics, and international relations. It examines the major faiths of the world, viz., Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and a sect. of Hinduism, to demonstrate transnational religious movements in the wake of globalization.

The book focuses on the strategies and practices of six representative religious organizations that operate transnationally and helps us understand how they are formed, structured, and institutionalized in society, and how they operate. It dwells on how individuals, groups, media, and state as well as non-state actors come to terms with these organizations. World religions do not simply respond to globalization; they also shape and affect the future dynamics of globalization.


Foreword by Professor Jeffrey Haynes
Introduction: Faith’s Flows
Transnationalism: Perspectives
Hillsong Church: Postmodern parishes, worldwide music and anointed acquisitions
Validating identity, spirituality, and space for BAPS Hindus in India and the diaspora
Ciji: Socially engaged Buddhism, feminization, and the politics of soft power
The new face of Islam in the West: The case of Islamic Relief
The Gülen-Hizmet movement: Reformed Islam or revitalized caliphate?
ISIS: Epistemology, eschatology, and empire of a revolutionary movement
Conclusion: Globalization of faith, faith in globalization

Jonathan D. James

Jonathan D. James is a researcher and writer on media, religion, and culture. His research interests include cultural globalization, the social effects of new media, new religious movements, indigenization, diaspora Asians in the West, and the image industry in Asia. With an early education in Singapore, and later trained to be a television producer in the USA, Jonathan D. James is currently an adjunct lecturer at Edith Cowan University, Perth, and well known in the Asia-Pacific region as a consultant, lecturer, and guest speaker. His articles have appeared in refereed journals in Australia, the UK, and North America, including The... More About Author

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