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Transitions in the Early Years

Transitions in the Early Years
Working with Children and Families

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December 2012 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Designed to facilitate professional development and critical reflection in the leadership of services for children and families, this book will enhance the understanding of readers from a range of disciplines and at varying levels of study. Packed with case studies depicting the experiences of children and their families in transition and exploring a wide range of scenarios, the chapters:

  • Explore transitions from a range of perspectives
  • Discuss the value of developing collaborative practice in deepening awareness of children's views and experiences
  • Explore the impact of practitioner inquiry
  • Look at examples of contemporary practice
  • Consider the ethics, policies and law relating to current issues
  • Enrich the reader's understanding of professional responsibility

Each chapter contains a chapter overview, a case study and suggestions for further reading. This book is relevant to all practitioners working with young children and their families and to all those studying early childhood.

Lyn TroddLyn Trodd
Lydia Ottavio
Emma Perry
Helen Longstaff
Into a crèche
Amanda Ricciardi
Starting at pre-school
Julia Bateson
From Nursery to Reception
David Allen
Moving on from Key Stage One
Alison McLauchlin
Adopting Steven: a Chain of Transitions
Helena Marks
Coming Ready or Not! A Child with SEND Moves up
Anne Ross
Receiving a Diagnosis of a Disability
Sally Patterson
Lost in Transitions!
Mariana Graham
From Neglected to Protected
Pamela Curran
Experiencing the Death of a Parent
Dulcie Hiscott
Accessing Support through Outreach
Jennifer Lee McStravick
Becoming an Outreach Worker
Lyn Trodd

'Transitions in the Early Years will be of great interest to a wide audience. This book brings together theory and practice, with the case studies providing an insightful contribution from different perspectives, to understanding the impact of change in young children's lives'
-Jo Armistead, Assistant Lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University

'This book gives an unusual insight into the working lives of a wide range of professionals who interact with young children and their families. It will certainly help professionals to gain an insight into why other professionals make decisions and act in the ways in which they do'

Early Years Update
Early Years Update

This book was an interesting read, it supports a range of different transitions a child may face, of which these have been clearly explored through the use of case studies. Using case studies will enhance the students understanding of transition and will enable them to develop and review their own practices

Ms Kerry Fellowes
Health Education and Care Department, West Herts College
June 16, 2017

I loved reading this book, it supports a range of different transitions a child may face and these are well explored. The use of the case studies will allow students to be able to relate to the transition being discussed and enable them to think about their own practice.

Miss Natalie Jane Gibson
School of Education, Blackburn College
April 11, 2016

This book provides an extremely good focus for anyone interested in transitions. It is an accessible read for undergraduate students to consider the complexities of working with children and families. The book itself is well laid out with case studies throughout. The case studies provide examples to enable students to understand exactly how to think theory with practice. And there is further reading in each section. The reflections in each section demonstrates an important aspect of practice that students can begin to consider early on in their academic career. Lyn Trodd argues that 'transition is a process not an event' (2013) and this sets a strong and meaningful precedent throughout the book. There are discussions around information sharing, multi-agency working, mutual respect amongst professionals and the need for parents to be viewed as professional partners. It is a great book for those interested in transitions but also an essential read for undergraduates entering the early years course. Highly recommended.

Ms Nakissa Campbell
Dept of Care and Early Years, Weston College
June 24, 2016

Very useful to Foundation Degree students who are interested in this area

Mrs Karen Fullman
Human and Physical Sciences, South Thames College
January 12, 2015

A very good book which covers many aspects on managing transitions in the early years. Adopted as essential reading for Level 5 students on a Foundation Degree in Early Years Practice for a module on Managing Transitions in the Early Years.

Mrs Kelly-Marie Taylor
Department of Children, Young People and Education, University Campus Suffolk
December 5, 2014

This is an excellent book that outlines the nature of transition in children’s lives. It also offers some case studies that allow students to rethink and reflect on their practice in EY sector.

Mrs Svetlana Shivacheva
University Centre Croydon, Croydon College
July 1, 2014

provides valuable information and discussion on the many transitions that children experience. Provides students with opportunities to examine and discuss the change in attitudes relating to the types of support that is in place during children's transitions through the use of case studies.

Miss Maria Cruickshank
health care and public services, South Essex College
June 19, 2014

The case studies are useful to add depth for students - particularly for those students who have never worked with children!

Mrs Tanya Richardson
School of Education, Northampton University
March 23, 2014

Sample Materials & Chapters

Sample Chapter - Chapter 1

Lyn Trodd

Lyn Trodd is a Principal Lecturer and Head of Children's Workforce Development at the University of Hertfordshire. She is currently Chair of the Sector-Endorsed Foundation Degree in Early Years national network. Lyn was a member of the Children's Workforce Development Council reference group consulted about the new status for Early Years Professionals and led a team which piloted EYPS at the University of Hertfordshire. Her research is focused on graduate roles for members of the Children Workforce and how professional learning programmes develop self-efficacy in participants. More About Author

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