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Transgenderism and Intersexuality in Childhood and Adolescence

Transgenderism and Intersexuality in Childhood and Adolescence
Making Choices

February 2003 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Transgenderism and Intersexuality in Childhood and Adolescence: Making Choices presents an overview of the research, clinical insights, and ethical dilemmas relevant to clinicians who treat intersex youth and their families. Exploring gender development from a cross-cultural perspective, esteemed scholar Peggy T Cohen-Kettenis and experienced practitioner Friedemann Pfafflin focus on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment issues. To bridge research and practical application, they include numerous case studies, definitions of relevant terminology, and salient chapter summaries.
Alan E. Kazdin
Series Editor's Introduction
List of Abbreviations
1. Typical Sexual Differentiation
General Terminology

Sexual Differentiation

Development of Gender Identity and Gender Role

2. Gender Identity Disorder in Childhood and Adolescence
Benefit of Historical and Cross-Cultural Data for Clinical Practice

Cross-Cultural and Historical References (Adults)

Cross-Cultural and Historical References (Children and Adolescents)

3. Atypical Sexual Differentiation

Chromosomal/Gonadal Conditions

Female Pseudohermaphroditism

Male Pseudohermaphroditism

Other Conditions

4. Atypical Development of Gender Identity and Gender Role
Specific Terminology

Clinical Picture

Correspondence Between Childhood Gender Identity Disorder and Transsexualism

Prevalence and Sex Ratio of GID

Theories About Atypical Gender Development

5. Clinical Management of Intersex Conditions
Importance of Parent Counseling

Importance of Child Counseling

Neonatal Approach

Information and Support

Criticism of Clinical Policy

6. Clinical Management of Gender Problems in Children



7. Clinical Management of Gender Problems in Adolescents


Effects of Sex Reassignment

8. Legal Issues of Intersexuality and Transsexualism
Legal Sex Assignment of Intersexes

Legal Implications of Transsexualism in Adults

Legal Issues of GID in Childhood and Adolescence

Name Index
Subject Index
About the Authors

Peggy T Cohen-Kettenis

Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis, Ph.D., is Professor of gender development and psychopathology at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University Medical Center Utrecht. She was a pre- and postgraduate student in developmental and clinical psychology at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. She was trained to become a registered clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at the Utrecht Institute for Multidisciplinary Psychotherapy. After completing her Ph.D. thesis, she worked at the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Utrecht University. There, she conducted a study evaluating sex reassignment, promoted by the advice... More About Author

Friedemann Pfäfflin

Friedemann Pfafflin, M.D., Ph.D., is Professor of Psychotherapy and head of the Forensic Psychotherapy Unit at Ulm University, Germany. Trained as a psychiatrist at Hamburg University, he first engaged in transgender clinical work in the mid-1970s when he visited the Psychohormonal Research Unit and the Gender Identity Clinic at The Johns Hopkins University Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. From 1978 to 1992, he worked at the Institute of Sex Research at Hamburg University, Germany, and continued the work with transsexuals after moving to Ulm University in 1992. His main areas of research are transsexualism, transgenderism, psychotherapy... More About Author

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