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Transformation at Work

Transformation at Work
In the New Market Economies of Central Eastern Europe

First Edition

272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Is "success" in transformation an unproblematic concept? In this book, Anna Pollert questions the values often hidden in the burgeoning literature on "transformation" and addresses the main concerns arising from these. In exploring the key issues of post-communist transformation, the author discusses important theoretical issues about the nature of change and continuity, such as the historical, socio-economic and political effects of transformation, the broad problems of how workers and their organizations respond to change from command to capitalist economies, and case studies of how managers, workers and trade unionists experience these changes within their organizations. Transformation at Work encompass multidisciplinary approaches of history, political economy, industrial relations and sociology. It will be extremely useful to students and teachers of comparative industrial relations and business studies. The book will also be directly relevant to managers and trade unionists concerned with Eastern Europe and/or post-communism.
Historical Legacies I
From Empires to Nations States

Historical Legacies II
Diversity of Command Economy Experience

Theories of the Command Economy and Transformation
`Transition' Crisis in Central Eastern Europe
Making Capitalism without Capital
Western Capital in Central Eastern Europe
Trade Union Politics and Worker Representation
Developments in Industrial Relations
Case Study
Lost Opportunities at the Heart of Czech Engineering

Case Studies
Retail Service and Consumer Goods Manufacturing

Afterword - The First Decade of Transformation

Anna Pollert

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