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Training to Teach

Training to Teach
A Guide for Students

Second Edition
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352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Teaching is a tough and challenging job and society demands more from its teachers than ever before. This new edition is an essential companion for those training to teach providing an overview of important professional issues that all future teachers need to engage with in order to succeed in the classroom. The book is equally valuable to those training to teach in both elementary and secondary education and aims to give students the confident start they need in the classroom. Features new to this edition include more balanced elementary education coverage, and four new chapters on: child protection issues, teaching pupils with English as an Additional Language, cross-curricular teaching issues and your first teaching post: applications, interviews and induction.

The accompanying website (, has been updated to include additional material expanding on and complementing the contents of the book.

Neil Denby
Learning to Teach: An Introduction
Robert Butroyd
Relationships with Children and Young People
Fiona Woodhouse and Mick Woodhouse
Professionalism, the Professional Duties of Teachers and Legal Requirements
Jonathan Glazzard
Child Protection Issues
Rod Robertson
Communication and Collaboration
Lesley-Anne Pearson
Developing through Mentoring and Reflection
Matthew Crowther
Understanding the Roles of Specialist Colleagues
Neil Denby, Jayne Price, Helen Swift
Continuing Professional Development and Learning at 'M' Level
Jayne Price
Classroom Management and Behaviour Strategies
Neil Denby
Beginning to Understand How Young People Learn
Joanne Pearson
Approaches to Teaching and Learning 1: Developing a Range
Joanne Pearson
Approaches to Teaching and Learning 2: Planning, Progression and Sequence
Neil Denby
Approaches to Teaching and Learning 3: Differentiation and Personalizing Provision
Ian Quigley
Teaching Pupils with English as an Additional Language
Roger Crawford
Understanding and Using Assessment and Delivering Feedback
John Trafford
Qualifications and Examinations in England and Wales
Jonathan Glazzard
The Legacy of Every Child Matters
Neil Denby
Issues and Skills That Cross Curriculum Boundaries
Jayne Price, Fiona Woodhouse
Developing Successful Cross-Curricular Teaching
Ian Quigley
Accessing and Using Statistical Information
Roger Crawford and John McComish
Making Sensible Use of ICT
Lesley-Anne Pearson and John Trafford
Your First Teaching Post: Applications, Interviews and Induction

'This second edition builds on the success of the first, dealing with a comprehensive range of topics and issues which are pertinent to trainee teachers. The book is highly readable and accessible, with content being usefully organised and key applications to practice and reflection points being clearly sign-posted. It includes some very welcome and valuable updates which reflect the increasingly complex challenges presented by the ever-changing nature of education. In particular, the additional material on diversity and pupils with EAL will prove valuable to trainee teachers and those new to the profession. The book also effectively covers changes in government strategy related to child protection, and provides insight into the diverse range of professional colleagues involved in the holistic care of children. Each chapter usefully provides key reading and useful contact details and websites, therefore enabling trainee teachers to follow up issues covered as part of their continuing personal and professional development. Trainee teachers of all subjects will find this a very useful resource'
Lynne Warham, Edge Hill University

'This guide aimed at student teachers and those perhaps in their first year of teaching is utterly brilliant. It is written at exactly the right level and covers the professional studies ground every student teacher - from primary through to post-16 - needs to know'
- Amazon review

'I recommend [this book] wholeheartedly to students, to teacher educators and to school based staff who are involved in supporting students. It encourages reflective and individual thinking...'
- ESCalate

Solid and authoritative.

The Teacher Trainer Journal

A useful book to accompany the Award or Certificate in education and training a sit covers all the content of these courses in an easy to follow manner.

Mrs Adele Sewell
tEACHER TRAINING , Bishop Burton College
January 15, 2015

Essential reading for those training to teach children

Miss Leigh Webber
Adult Studies, Cardiff and Vale College
January 27, 2014

one of many similar texts - the students can choose which they want to use.

Mrs Beverley Lawe
School of Education, Nottingham Trent University
October 18, 2013

This provides a clear and comprehensive guide and reference point to a wide range of issues which the students need to consider.

Mrs Pauline Palmer
Institute of Education, Manchester Metropolitan University
October 9, 2013

Really liked the format. Clear, used language that was easy to understand. Encouraged reflection though 'tasks'.

Miss Diana Parton
Department of Primary Education, Bedfordshire University
September 17, 2013

We decided to adopt one main text for all PGCE students and unfortunately this was not the one chosen by the whole team.

Miss Alison Hardy
School of Education, Nottingham Trent University
August 13, 2013

Adopted as an essential source

Dr Mario Moya
School of Education (Bedford), Bedfordshire University
July 9, 2013

This text book will be particularly useful for undergraduate Initial Teacher Education students. The chapters by Glazzrd and Pearson are especially useful and relevent for early studies in today's classrooms.

Mr Eamonn Mitchell
AEPE, Univ of Limerick, Mary Immaculate Coll
June 17, 2013

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Chapter 1

Neil Denby

Neil Denby has been involved in teacher education for over 18 years. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. An experienced and successful author, he has written over two dozen texts at various levels from GCSE to postgraduate. He also has extensive experience teaching abroad, both in the Middle East and China. Recently retired from the School of Education and Professional Development at the University of Huddersfield, he now acts as an independent educational consultant. His research interests include using the abilities of gifted and talented pupils to enhance the... More About Author

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