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Training Instruments in HRD and OD

Training Instruments in HRD and OD
Fourth Edition

First Edition

September 2018 | 648 pages | SAGE Response

Training Instruments in HRD and OD is an outcome of Dr Udai Pareek’s rich worldwide experience of more than 50 years with diverse organisations, HRD professionals, researchers, students and trainers. It contains a repertoire of psychological tests, questionnaires, self-evaluation tests, projective techniques and other instruments that have been used by organisations in different countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ireland, Canada and USA. The experience from diverse users have widened the scope and application of these instruments with minor adaptations for different cultural settings. 

The book is an outcome of Dr Udai Pareek's rich worldwide experience of more than 50 years with diverse organisations, HRD professionals, researchers, students, and trainers.

This enhanced fourth edition includes:

• A range of instruments for building team effectiveness in organisations.

• Added information on ‘reliability and validity’ in several instruments.

Celebrating its vast readership for over two decades, the book caters to Indian HRD professionals, trainers, consultants and researchers.


Instruments for HRD
Using Instruments for HRD
Developing Instruments for HRD
Personal Orientation and Behaviour
Personal Efficacy: Who am I?
Personal Effectiveness Scale—General (PES—G)
Creativity Assessment Inventory (CAl)
Balanced Orientation: Androgyny Scale
Interpersonal Trust Scale
Locus of Control (LOCO) Inventory
Locus of Control in Health (Lochi) Inventory
Optimism: Attribution of Success and Failure Inventory—General (ASUFA—G)
Rumination: Dealing with Emotions
Psychological Needs: Work Preference Schedule
Interpersonal Needs Inventory (IPNI)
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation· What Do you Look for in a Job?
Emotional Intelligence (EI) Scale
Work-life Balance Scale
Power Bases: Coercive and Persuasive Power (CPP) Scale
Assertiveness Inventory
Values: Opinion Survey
Perseverance: Value Preference Survey and General Beliefs Inventory
Fear of Failure: Guessing Test
Extension Disposition: Behavioural Inventory
Extension-Proneness: Guessing Responses
Motivational Analysis of Organisations—Behaviour (MAO—B)
Motivational Analysis of Organisations—Styles (MAO—S)
Role Satisfaction: Motivational Analysis of Organisation—Roles (MAO—R)
Life Style Inventory
Group Effectiveness: Openness and Perceptiveness (OP) Scale
Personal and Interpersonal Styles
Leadership Profile Indicator—Managers (LPI—M)
Leadership Profile Indicator—Health (LP—HA)
Leadership Profile Indicator—Health (LP—HB)
Life Styles of Executives: Life Orientation Inventory (Form I)
Life Styles of Executives: Life Orientation Inventory (Form II)
Transactional Styles Inventory—Manager (TSI—M) and Feedback (TSl—F)
Transactional Styles Inventory—General (TSI—G)
Transactional Styles Inventory—Trainers (TSI—T)
Transactional Styles Inventory—Counselling (TSI—C)
Transactional Styles Inventory—Consultants (TSI—K)
Transactional Styles Inventory—Nurses (TSI—N)
Transactional Styles Inventory—Journalism (TSI—J)
Sales Styles: Sales Troika
Sales Executive Styles: Sales Executive Troika
Conflict Management Styles: Opinion Survey of Organisational Conflicts
Conflict Management Preference
Conflict Management Styles: Approaches to Conflict Management
Conflict Resolution Inventory
Decision Making: Decision Styles Inventory (DSI)
The Role
Role Efficacy Scale: My Role
Role Efficacy Scale
Nursing Role Efficacy Scale (A)
Nursing Role Efficacy Scale (B)
Organisational Role Stress (ORS) Scale
General Role Stress (GRS) Scale
Entrepreneurial Role Stress (ERS) Scale
Coping with Stress: Role Pics (O)
Coping with Stress: Role Pics (G)
Coping with Stress: Role Pics (E)
The Organisation
Team Effectiveness Scale
Team Effectiveness Assessment Measure (TEAM)
Top Leadership: Senior Managerial Functions Schedule
Organisational Learning Diagnostics (OLD)
Learning Organisation Profile (LOP) Survey
Motivational Analysis of Organisation—Climate (MAO—C)
Motivational Analysis of Organisation—Atmosphere (MAO—A)
Organisational Culture: OCTAPACE Profile
Organisational Culture Profile
Organisational Culture: Organisational Survey
Visioning Effectiveness (VE) Scale
Leadership: Boundary Management Scale
Leadership: Power Enhancers (PE) Scale
Delegation Assessment Questionnaire (DAQ)
Foreword by T. V. Rao
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition

Late Udai Pareek

Udai Pareek was the chairman of the Academy of Human Resource Development and of the Institute of Developmental Research and Statistics. He was a distinguished visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Health Management Research, and also vice-president of its management board. He was on the management/governing boards of JIM, NIMID, NIA, NAM, RSIHFW, EMI, etc. He was also the editor of the Journal of Health Management and consulting editor of the Journal of Applied Behavioural Science. He served as chairman of the governing boards of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the South Asian... More About Author

Dr. Surabhi Purohit

Surabhi Purohit was an Associate Professor of Human Development (Home Science), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, and is currently serving as a guest faculty in the University of Rajasthan. She is presently the secretary of Jaipur Chapter of the National HRD Network and has also worked in the capacity of vice-president in Jaipur Chapter. She is a consultant to various institutes and organisations for personal and organisational effectiveness. She has authored and edited nine books and has 40 papers, reviews and articles to her credit in national and international journals. She has supervised 14 students for PhD... More About Author

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