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Training for Organizational Transformation

Training for Organizational Transformation
Part 1: For Policy-makers and Change Managers

  • Rolf P Lynton - Freelance Consultant, North Carolina
  • Udai Pareek - Distinguished visiting professor, Indian Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur

June 2000 | 308 pages | SAGE India
First published in 1967, Training for Development has been regarded as the most comprehensive work in the field of training and development. The book incorporates the authors` experiences in both industrialized and developing countries, with public and private organizations, with managers and administrators, farmers and teachers, rural development workers and members of cooperatives. The third edition of this classic work is being issued in two parts and with a new title. This, the first part, looks at the new and wider concept of training in which strategic concerns and decisions about training have moved into the boardroom. Targeted at those charged with development overall, this volume addresses developers, founders, and managers of training policy, strategy and systems.
Strategic Thrusts: The New Dimension of Training
Assessing Contexts and Opportunities for Change
Making the Organization into a Learning System
Policy Formulation in Practice: A Case
Building a Training System
Making the Lead Institution Strong: Location, Leadership, Support and Other Policy Issues
Ensuring High Benefits and Continuing Support
Partners: Managers in Training and Training in Management
To Stay the Course: Learning Agendas for Policy-makers and Change Managers

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Rolf P. Lynton

Rolf P Lynton has had a long career in training and development. He has been associated with many institutions, mostly in India, and also in Indonesia, China, Europe, and the United States of America as a founder–dean, director, or long-term consultant. He has been John Hopkins University/USAID Senior Advisor, Chairman of the International Association of Applied Social Scientists, and has worked with the Ministries of Industry, and Health and Family Welfare in India. He is an emeritus member of the National Training Laboratory in the USA. He has authored many books and papers including Training for Organizational Transformation (co... More About Author

Late Udai Pareek

Udai Pareek was the chairman of the Academy of Human Resource Development and of the Institute of Developmental Research and Statistics. He was a distinguished visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Health Management Research, and also vice-president of its management board. He was on the management/governing boards of JIM, NIMID, NIA, NAM, RSIHFW, EMI, etc. He was also the editor of the Journal of Health Management and consulting editor of the Journal of Applied Behavioural Science. He served as chairman of the governing boards of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the South Asian... More About Author

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