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Trager's The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication

Trager's The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication

Eighth Edition

June 2023 | 816 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Trager's The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication provides a clear and engaging introduction to media law with comprehensive coverage and analysis for future journalists and media professionals. Grounded in the traditions and rules of law, along with fresh facts and examples, the authors demonstrate how the law functions in everyday life. The Eighth Edition of this bestselling text offers students a new breadth and diversity of material and brings the law to life with cutting-edge research, the latest court and legislative rulings, and a wealth of new content.

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Chapter 1 · The Rule of Law: Law in a Changing Communication and Political Environment
Chapter 2 · The First Amendment: Speech and Press Freedoms in Theory and Reality
Chapter 3 · Speech Distinctions: Different Categories Trigger Distinct Treatment
Chapter 4 · Libel and Emotional Distress: The Plaintiff’s Case
Chapter 5 · Libel: Defenses and Privileges
Chapter 6 · Protecting Privacy: Conflicts Among the Press, the Government and the Right to Privacy
Chapter 7 · Gathering Information: Opportunities and Obstacles
Chapter 8 · Overseeing Justice: Speech and Press Freedoms In and About the Courts
Chapter 9 · Electronic Media Regulation: From Radio to the Internet
Chapter 10 · Obscenity and Indecency: Social Norms and Legal Standards
Chapter 11 · Intellectual Property: Protecting and Using Intangible Creations
Chapter 12 · Advertising: When Speech and Commerce Converge


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Victoria Smith Ekstrand

Victoria Smith Ekstrand is an associate professor at the UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media and is currently serving the UNC Graduate School as the Royster Distinguished Professor for Graduate Education, where she leads UNC’s premier doctoral fellows from across campus. She has been a media law and free expression scholar for more than two decades. Before that, she worked as a senior executive for The Associated Press at its headquarters in New York City. More About Author

Caitlin Ring Carlson

Caitlin Ring Carlson is an associate professor in communication and media at Seattle University and the former head of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Law and Policy Division. She teaches courses in media law, gender equality and freedom of expression, and media systems. Her research focuses on media law and policy as they pertain to new media, freedom of expression, and social justice. Her first book, “Hate Speech,” was published by MIT Press in 2021. Before earning her PhD at the University of Colorado, she worked as a public relations practitioner. More About Author

Erin Coyle

     Erin Coyle is an associate professor in journalism at the Temple University Klein College of Media and Communication. She teaches courses in media law and ethics, reporting, writing and media history. Her research focuses on freedom of expression, access to government information and officials and free press-fair trial and privacy rights. While earning her PhD at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she served on the First Amendment Law Review. Before entering graduate school, she worked as a journalist covering government affairs. More About Author

Susan Dente Ross

Amy Reynolds

Amy Reynolds is dean of the College of Communication and Information at Kent State University. Her research focuses on dissent, First Amendment history, and media sociology. She has written or edited seven books. Prior to becoming a dean, she was a journalism professor at Louisiana State University and Indiana University. Before earning her PhD at the University of Texas, she worked as a reporter, producer, and editor at newspapers and television stations. More About Author

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