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November 2009 | 2 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Even though tourism forms a vibrant and dynamic field of study, the history and development of it remains uncharted in any significant manner. The subject developed in response to a growing interest and recognition of the potential value of tourism to the economy, society, and culture, as well as environmental regeneration. In part, the evolution of the subject has arisen from the development of a critical interest among social scientists and more latterly business researchers.
There are no benchmarks on which scholars, researchers, and public sector agencies can gauge where the subject came from, what it has achieved, where it is going, and what it means for the public sector in establishing adequate planning and control measures.

This major reference collection, Tourism, brings together not only the seminal studies and articles that have shaped thinking in the tourism area, but also the structure of the collection synthesizes, organizes, and logically analyses a large number of issues to guide users through the manifold branches of this field.

Stephen J. Page and Joanne Connell
National Forests as Recreation Grounds

T. Cleveland Jr.
The Claim of the Coast

V. Cornish
Mining Tourist Towns in the Canadian Rockies

S.B. Jones
A National Park at the Lands End

V. Cornish
European Air Services, June 1934

A. O'Dell
The Business of Recreation

R.M Brown
Geographic Aspects of the German Tourist Trade

A.C. Selke
Recreation Industry of New Hampshire

A.S. Carlson
The Growth of Inland and Seaside Health Resorts in England

E.W. Gilbert
The Tourist Industry of a Modern Highway, US16 in South Dakota

E. Eiselen
The Hill Stations and Summer Resorts of the Orient

J. Spencer and W. Thomas
The Growth of Brighton

E.W. Gilbert
Vacations: A psycho-analytic study

A. Grinstein
Tourist Research - A Recent Development at the Universities

I. Crampon
Tourists in Corsica

G.W. Robinson
The Sociological Consequences of Tourism

J. Forster
Advertising and Marketing in the Airline Industry

A. Burkart
Some Considerations of Tourism Location in Europe: The peripheral regions - underdeveloped countries - recreation areas

W. Christaller
Impact of a Tourist Facility on its Hinterland

G.F. Deasy and P.R Griess
Tourism - Spain's Most Important Industry

J. Naylon
The Location and Growth of Holiday Caravan Camps in Wales, 1956-65

W. Rees Pryce
On Some Patterns of International Tourism Flows

A. Williams and W. Zelinsky
The Movement of Retired People to Seaside Resorts

C. Law and A. Warnes
Canada's National Parks - Past, Present and Future

J.G. Nelson
Tourism in Former Eastern European Societies: Ideology in conflict with requisites

L.A. Kreck
Tourism and the Social Sciences : A bibliography: 1970 - 1978

J. Jafari
Seminal Social Science Conceptualisations of Tourism
Towards a Sociology of International Tourism

E. Cohen
Cultural Change and Contemporary Holidaymaking

J. Urry
The Sociology of Tourism

J. Urry
Towards a Symbiosis of Social Psychology and Tourism Studies

P. Stringer and P.L Pearce
Towards a Geography of Tourism

D.G. Pearce
Geography and Tourism

L.S. Mitchell and P.E Murphy
The Contribution of Economics to Tourism

H. Gray
Tourism as an Anthropological Subject (and Comments and Reply)

D. Nash
The Anthropology of Tourism

N. Graburn
Representations of International Tourism in the Social Sciences: Sun, sex, sights, savings, and servility

M. Crick
Tourism Politics and Political Science : A case of not so benign neglect

L. Richter
Methodological Development of Tourism Research: Measurement and Debates on Tourists and Tourism
'Who is a Tourist? A conceptual clarification

E. Cohen
Concepts, Definitions and Measures used in Travel and Tourism Research

R. Chadwick
Methodology in Tourism Research

G. Dann, D. Nash and P. Pearce
The Statistical Measurement of Tourism

J. Latham
Conceptual Issues in the Meaning of Tourism

D.C. Gilbert
A Theory of Human Motivation

A. Maslow
Why Destination Areas Rise and Fall in Popularity: An update of a Cornell Quarterly classic

S. Plog
A Test of Plog's Allocentric/Psychocentric Model: Evidence from seven nations

S.L.J. Smith
Motivations for Pleasure Vacation

J. Crompton
Tourist Motivation: An appraisal

G. Dann
Family Vacation Decision-making

R.L. Jenkins
Understanding Holiday Choice

B. Goodall
Behavioural Conceptualisation of Tourism and Leisure

K. Moore, G. Cushman and D. Simmons
The Study of International Tourism Demand: A review of findings

G. Crouch
Tourist Guide Interaction

P.L. Pearce
Consumer Behaviour in Tourism

L. Moutinho
Competitive Strategies for a New Tourism

A. Poon
Approaches and Concepts to Understand the Tourism Industry
Some Determinants of Hotel Location: The tourists' inclination

A. Arbel and A. Pizam
The Framework of Tourism: Towards a definition of tourism, tourist, and the tourist industry

N. Leiper
Why 'the Tourism Industry' is Misleading as a Generic Expression: The case for the plural variation, 'tourism industries'

N. Leiper
A Framework for Tourist Attraction Research

A.A. Lew
The Global Hotel Industry: The emergence of continental hotel companies

J. Gannon and K. Johnston
The Geography of Deregulation in the US Airline Industry

A. Goetz and C. Sutton
The Political Economy of Tourism in the Third World

S.G. Britton
Tourism, Capital and Place: Towards a critical geography of tourism

S.G. Britton
A Re-examination of the Relative Importance of Tourism to State Economies

T.R. Doering
Travel as an Employer in the State Economy

D.C. Frechtling
Domestic Tourism as a Development Factor

B.H. Archer
The Value of Multipliers and their Policy Implications

B.H. Archer
Tourism's External Account and the Balance of Payments

R. Baretje
Assessing the Impacts of Travel and Tourism - Introduction to Travel Impact Estimation

D.C. Frechtling
An Overview of Approaches to Forecasting Tourist Demand

M. Uysal and J.L. Crompton
Demand Forecasting in Tourism and Recreation

S. Witt and C. Martin
The Economics of Tourism

M.T. Sinclair
The Hotel and Catering Industry of Great Britain during the 1980s: Sub-regional employment change, specialisation and dominance

P. Bull and A. Church
The Social Implications of Tourist Developments

R.W. Butler
A Causation Theory of Visitor-Resident Irritants: Methodology and research inferences

G.V. Doxey
Tourism's Impacts: The social costs to the destination community as perceived by its residents

A. Pizam
Residents and Transients: Community reaction to seasonal visitors

R.A. Rothman
Tourism and Crime: An Australian perspective

D.J. Walmesley, R.M. Boskovic and J.J. Pigram
The Impact of Tourism Development on Residents' Perceptions of Community Life

L.R. Allen, P.T. Long, R.R. Perdue and S. Kieselbach
Residents' Strategies for Responding to Tourism Impacts

J. Ap and J.L. Crompton
The Attitudes of Bakewell Residents to Tourism and Issues in Community Responsive Tourism

C. Ryan and D. Montgomery
Residents' Attitudes Towards Tourism: A longitudinal study in Spey Valley, Scotland

D. Getz
A Framework for Monitoring Community Impacts of Tourism

W. Faulkner and C. Tideswell
The Impact of Tourism on the Physical Environment

E. Cohen
Environmental Implications of Tourism Development

J.J. Pigram
Tourism and Physical Environment Research

B.H. Farrell and R.W. McLellan
Sustainable Tourism: Policy considerations

J.J. Pigram
Tourism and Climate Change

K. Smith
Alternative Tourism: Pious hope or Trojan horse

R.W. Butler
Ecology and Tourism

B.H. Farrell and D. Runyan
Environmental Impacts of Tourism on the Kenya Coast

N. Visser and S. Njunga
Sustainable Ecotourism: Balancing economic, environmental and social goals within an ethical framework

P.A. Wight
Tourism and Climate Change: An international perspective

G. Wall and C. Badke
The Concept of a Tourist Area Cycle of Evolution, Implications for Management of Resources

R.W. Butler
Socio-economic Variations in Pleasure Trip Patterns: The case of Hull car-owners

G. Wall
Changes in Vacation Travel in Response to Motor Fuel Shortages and Higher Prices

T.M. Corsi and M.E. Harvey
Towards New Tourism Policies: The Importance of Environmental and Sociocultural Factors

J. Krippendorf
International Tourist Flows in Malaysia

M. Oppermann
Planning for Tourism in Britain

J. Heeley
Models in Tourism Planning Towards Integration of Theory and Practice

D. Getz
Environmental Planning for Tourism

E. Inskeep
Tourism Planning in London: An exercise in spatial and seasonal management

P.E. Murphy
Responsible and Responsive Approach to Tourism Planning in the Community

K. Haywood
A Methodology for the Integration of Tourism in Town Planning

D. Dredge and S. Moore
Planning for Tourism Business Districts

D. Getz
Pricing Policy in Nature-based Tourism

J. Laarman and H. Gregersen
The Changing Role of Bord Fáilte 1960-1975

P. Heneghan
Alternative Roles of National Tourism Organizations

D. Choy
Recreation Use Limits: Issues for the tourism industry

S. McCool
Community Driven Tourism Planning

P.E. Murphy
Tourism and the European Regional Development Fund: The first fourteen years

D.G. Pearce
Tourism, Economic Development and the Role of Entrepreneurial Activity

G. Shaw and A.M. Williams
Tourism and Small Business Development: Terra incognita

S.J. Page, P. Forer and G. Lawton
Human Resource Management in Tourism

T. Baum and J. Kokkranikel
The Unrecognized Threat to Tourism: Can tourism survive sustainability

B. McKercher
Indicators of Sustainable Tourism in New Zealand: A local government perspective

S. Dymond
Towards Sustainable Tourism Planning in New Zealand: Public sector planning responses

S.J. Page and K. Thorn
Towards Sustainable Tourism Planning in New Zealand: The public sector planning responses revisited

S.J. Page and K. Thorn
Visitor Management in Canadian National Parks

R. Graham, P. Nilsen and R. Payne
Oxford: A heritage city under pressure : Visitors, impacts and management responses

J. Glasson
Managing Growth in Mountain Tourism Communities

A. Gill and P.W. Williams
The Tourist as a Consumer: The role of marketing issues
An Assessment of the Image of Mexico as a Vacation Destination

J.L. Crompton
Tourist Brochures and Tourist Images

R.S. Dilley
Tourism Marketing - Its Emergence and Establishment

D.C. Gilbert
A Framework for Managing Quality in the Tourist Experience

A.R. Graefe and J.J. Vaske
Quality Management and the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

D. Gilbert and I. Joshi
Tourism as a Tool for Regeneration: The example of urban tourism
Urban Tourism: An imbalance in attention

G.J. Ashworth
Leisure Shopping: A magic concept for the tourism industry

M. Jansen-Verbeke
Tourism Urbanization

P. Mullins
Urban Tourism and its Contribution to Economic Regeneration

C.M. Law
Rural Tourism
Rural Tourism: An international review

S.J. Page and D. Getz
Farm Tourism in Europe

L.A. Dernoi
A Conceptual Framework for Investigating Farm-based Accommodation and Tourism in Britain

N.J. Evans and B.W. Ilbery
Farm Tourism in England

J. Frater
What is Rural Tourism?

B. Lane
Valuing Countryside: Reflections on Beatrix Potter tourism

S.J. Squire
Coastal Tourism
Beach Usage in the Melbourne Region

D. Mercer
Beach Resorts: A model of development evolution

R.A. Smith
Event Tourism
Staged Authenticity: Arrangements of social space in tourist settings

D. MacCannell
Hallmark Events: An evaluation of a strategic response to seasonality in the travel market

J.R.B. Ritchie and D. Beliveau
Assessing the Impact of Hallmark Events: Conceptual and research issues

J.R.B. Ritchie
Mega-events and Micro-modernisation: On the sociology of the new urban tourism

M. Roche
Tourism and the Less Developed World
Tourism Transport - Implications for Developing Countries

M. Heraty
Tourism Development and Resorts on the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia

P.P. Wong
Tourism in the Gambia: Some issues in development policy

P. Dieke
Emerging Research Themes in the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s
The Tourist as a Consumer: The Role of Marketing Issues
An Assessment of the Image of Mexico as a Vacation Destination and the Influence of Geographical Location Upon That Image

John L. Crompton
Brochures and Tourist Images

Robert S. Dilley
Tourism Marketing - Its Emergence and Establishment

D.C. Gilbert
A Framework for Managing Quality in the Tourist Experience

Alan R. Graefe and Jerry J. Vaske
Quality Management and the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

D.C. Gilbert and I. Joshi
Tourism as a Tool for Regeneration: The Example of Urban Tourism
Urban Tourism: An Imbalance in Attention

G.J. Ashworth
A Model of Tourists' Propensity to Buy: The Case of Japanese Visitors to Hawaii

Charles F. Keown
Tourism Urbanization

Patrick Mullins
Urban Tourism and Its Contribution to Economic Regeneration

Christopher M. Law
Rural Tourism
The Business of Rural Tourism: International Perspectives

S.J. Page and D. Getz
A Conceptual Framework for Investigating Farm-based Accommodation and Tourism in Britain

Nicholas J. Evans and Brian W. Ilbery
Holidays on the Farm: A Case Study of German Hosts and Guests

Martin Oppermann
What Is Rural Tourism?

Bernard Lane
Event Tourism
Staged Authenticity: Arrangements of Social Space in Tourist Settings

Dean MacCannell
Hallmark Events: An Evaluation of a Strategic Response to Seasonality in the Travel Market

J.R. Brent Ritchie and Donald Beliveau
Assessing the Impact of Hallmark Events: Conceptual and Research Issues

J.R. Brent Ritchie
Images and Realities in Congress Tourism

G.D. Taylor
Estimating the Economic Impact of a Short-Term Tourist Event

Albert J. Della Bitta, David L. Loudon, G. Geoffrey Booth and Richard R. Weeks
Mega-Events and Micro-Modernization: On the Sociology of the New Urban Tourism

Maurice Roche
Tourism and the Less Developed World
Tourism Development in Latin America: A Policy Prescription and Prognosis

Jerry R. Ladman and M. E. Bond
Evaluating Tourism in Developing Areas: An Exploratory Inquiry

G. Donald Jud and Walter Krause
Tourism Transport - Implications for Developing Countries

Margaret J. Heraty
Tourism Development and Resorts on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia

P.P. Wong
Introduction: The Context of Tourism Development in the South Pacific

C. Michael Hall and Stephen J. Page

Stephen Page

Joanne Connell