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Tourism Development Revisited

Tourism Development Revisited
Concepts, Issues and Paradigms

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Sutheeshna S Babu - Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior and National Institute of Watersports, Goa
  • Sitikanta Mishra - Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior
  • Bivraj Bhushan Parida - Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Bhubaneswar

May 2008 | 364 pages | SAGE Response
This book contains a collection of articles by leading experts in international tourism. It broadly covers the tourism business as well as the development of tourism. It documents the different views and paradigms on tourism development in an in-depth manner. In addition to discussing the concepts, scope and nature of the tourism business, the book includes a diverse commentary on:

" The development of tourism in the 21st century

" Emerging models in international tourism

" Challenges faced in emerging markets of East Europe, India and China

" Impact of Internet and online markets on the travel industry

" Changing human resource practices and contributions by the informal sector

" The importance of tourism as a source of economic development

" The dynamics of the global tourist and corporate traveller

" Ecotourism, exotic destinations and experiential tourism

" Fundamental issues in leisure, recreation and tourism

This book endeavours to a critical approach within a multi-disciplinary framework to relook at the complex phenomenon of tourism development. The unusual intellectual freedom of the scholars is clearly demonstrated throughout this book. It deals with the details in the conceptual and paradigmatic evolution of tourism as a socio-economic phenomenon and an industry, contradictions in its development process, tourism in developing world including the fast-growing Chinese and Indian economies, new tourism products and their development and management.

Sutheeshna Babu S, Sitikantha Mishra and Bivraj Bhusan Parida
Tourism Development Revisited: An Introduction
Debates Sutheeshna Babu S
Tourism as Discipline and Industry: Some Comments on the Progressing
Richard Butler
Modern Tourism and Its Development in a Post-Modern Age
Peter M Burns
Some Reflections on Tourism and Post-Colonialism
Nina Rao
Trends in Tourism: Spectres of New Displacements
Anders Sørensen and Sutheeshna Babu S
Tourism and the Informal Sector: Notes on the Case of Backpacker Tourism
Antonio Fernández-Morales and María Cruz Mayorga-Toledano
Rural Tourism in Andalucía: Recent Evolution and Normative Regulation
Stephen A Royle
'Mainland' and 'Entry' Islands: Distinctions in Island Tourism
Stephen Wearing
Marketing National Parks Using Ecotourism as a Catalyst: Towards a Theory and Practice
John Urry
Globalising the Tourist Gaze
Yeoryios Stamboulis
Destinations as Experience Stages: A Systems View
Sutheeshna Babu S
Tourism Development and its Emerging Paradigms: A Synthesis
Miguela M Mena
International Tourism and Developing Economies
Sue Broad and Rochelle Spencer
Shifting Paradigms: The Convergence of Tourism, Conservation and Development
Lingyun Zhang and Xiaoqiu Ma
Stagnation and Way-out: A Case Study of Tourism Development in China from the Perspective of New Institution Economics
Dripto Mukhopadhyay
Exploring Linkage between Tourism and Community Development: A Case Study of the Artisans in Rajasthan
Larry Dwyer, Peter Forsyth, Ray Spurr and Thiep Van Ho
Estimating the Economic Impacts of Tourism Shocks: A Paradigm Shift in Technique
Rob Law and Catherine Cheung
Analysing China-based Hotel Websites
Sutheeshna Babu S
Spatial Dimensions of Tourism in India: A Macro-level Perspective
Babu P George
Holiday Attachment: The Construct and Its Measurement
Kevin D Lyons
The Professionalisation of Tourism: Preparing the Way for the Portfolio Careerist in Australia
Michael F Christie and Peter Mason
The Good Guide: Identifying and Engendering Generic Skills in the Training of Tourist Guides
Michael F Christie and Peter Mason
Tourist Guides

The book…should interest those in the tourism industry hungering for fresh insights.

Business Line

This book approaches tourism development through a critical prism…it re-examines and re-interprets prevailing dominant paradigms in the subject, leading to new insights and perspectives.

Prabhaat Khabar

The book offers a diverse commentary and discussion on the development and the business of tourism in the 21st century. This book is recommended for researchers, graduate students, and academicians studying international tourism. In comparison to other books on tourism development, Tourism Development Revisited offers a critical and challenging approach through the interesting and sometimes provocative views of authors who are experts of this complex phenomenon.

Annals of Tourism Research

Sutheeshna S Babu

Sutheeshna Babu. S is Reader at the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management Gwalior and now holds the post of Nodal Officer of the National Institute of Watersports, Goa. Prior to this, he has worked as Chairperson of the Department of Tourism, Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, U.P., India. Dr Babu is also the editor of the UNECAP promoted Asia-Pacific Education and Training Institutes in Tourism (APETIT) Newsletter. His main publications include conference proceedings and articles in journals and edited books. Tourism development issues and policy research remain his main areas of research. More About Author

Sitikanta Mishra

Sitikantha Mishra, PhD, is the Director of the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management (IITTM), Gwalior, Ministry of Tourism, Government. of India. He has been working as Professor in Business Studies for last two decades. Prof. Mishra is also Vice-President UNECAP promoted Asia-Pacific Education and Training Institutes in Tourism (APETIT). He has authored many articles in national and international journals, and wrote three books on themes related to tourism planning and marketing. Prof. Mishra is also member of the Working Committee on Technical Education for the 11th Five Year Plan, constituted by the Ministry of Human... More About Author

Bivraj Bhushan Parida

Bivraj Bhusan Parida, D Lit., is Reader at the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Bhubaneswar. Prior to this, he taught at the Department of Management, Burdwan University, West Bengal and also headed the department. He has a dual post-graduate in economics and management, and has obtained the Doctorate and D Lit. in Management with marketing as the focus area. In addition to publishing seminar/conference papers, Dr Parida also has published in leading journals and co-authored a book on tourism marketing. His areas of interests are marketing themes, and he specialises in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications... More About Author

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