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Tourism and Tourism Spaces

Tourism and Tourism Spaces

First Edition

328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This is a critical introduction to the relations between tourism, tourists, and tourism spaces. It fuses economic and cultural perspectives to explain how tourism is dependent on place and space, while at the same time as defining those places and spaces.

Examining different levels of scale - from local to global - Tourism and Tourism Spaces is informed by the discussion of three key processes:

- production and consumption of tourist spaces

- consumption and commodification of tourist experiences

- construction and reconstruction of tourist spaces

Each chapter engages with different theoretical perspectives; is illustrated with comparative examples and case studies; uses tables, boxes and figures throughout; and concludes with a summary.

An integrated and systematic review of a range of theoretical positions - that integrates economic and cultural - Tourism and Tourism Spaces will be a key resource for students of geography, sociology, management studies, hospitality studies, and leisure studies.

Production and Regulation
Tourism Firms and the Organization of Production
Inter-company Cooperation and Competition
Mapping Tourism Consumption
From Fordism to McDonaldization

Engineering the Tourist Experience
Tourism and the Commodification of Local Communities
Impacts and Relationships

Tourism Places, Spaces and Change
Established Tourism Spaces in Transition
Changes in Coastal Resorts

Landscapes of Pleasure
The Construction of New Tourism Spaces and Places


The book is a well-structured and organised volume that provides a systematic review of a range of theoretical positions. It is written from a multidisciplinary perspective and will surely be beneficial for students and practitioners with a wide range of research interests (e.g. geography, tourism studies, sociology, management, hospitality studies, and leisure studies.

Mr Nick Naumov
Northampton Business School, Northampton University
November 1, 2017

This book provides a nice and straight forward introduction to the relationship between tourism, tourists and tourism spaces. The different scales of tourism such as local and international also provide the reader with different theoretical perspectives. Not only applicable to tourism students but this book would be a key resource for geography and sociology students

Mr Emmet McLoughlin
Marketing Department , Leisure and Tourism, Sligo Institute of Technology
March 3, 2016

This textbook provides an easy to follow theoretical perspective on the of impacts tourism and how it shapes landscapes. It is an insightful resource guide for students and academics.

Ms Kelly Maguire
Business and Humanities, Sligo Institute of Technology
February 24, 2016

Comprehensive overview of the current research and managerial issues related to the complex field of tourist experiences

Mrs Susanne Hilland
Wirtschaft 2, Heilbronn University
January 27, 2011

An essential reference book to understand consumption and production of tourism, spaces and places. Clearly written and illustrated.

Mrs Claire Bereziat
Moffat Centre, Glasgow Caledonian University
October 11, 2010

Gareth Shaw

Gareth Shaw is Professor of Retail and Tourism Management and Associate Dean of Research at the University of Exeter Business School. He has just completed an ESRC project on innovation in the hotel industry and is currently working on an ESRC follow-on project on Sustainable travel and Social Marketing. He is an Innovation Fellow at the Advanced Institute of Management, was formerly Professor of Human Geography at Exeter and has a BA and PhD in Human Geography. He has worked on numerous research projects related to retail development all of which have been funded by major grant awarding bodies. He is an expert on retail innovation and... More About Author

Allan M Williams

Allan studied Economics and Geography at University College Swansea, 1969-72, before completing his PhD at the LSE. After completing his doctoral thesis, he worked as a Research Fellow at the LSE on a project on'Change in Urban Britain',  and in 1976-8 was Lecturer in Geography at the University of Durham. In 1978 he moved to the Geography Department at the University of Exeter, where he was successively Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and then, from 1995, Professor of Human Geography and European Studies. He was Co-Director of the Centre for European Studies 1987-95. He also jointly established, with Gareth Shaw, an MSc in Tourism,... More About Author

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