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Total Management by Ratios

Total Management by Ratios
An Analytic Approach to Management Control and Stock Market Valuations

Second Edition

September 2007 | 420 pages | SAGE India
This is a pioneering book that integrates functional analysis of a business enterprise with stock market valuation. It moves beyond the convention of financial statement analysis to first evaluate every function of management and then integrate this into the total corporate functioning of an enterprise, leading to its valuation in the stock market. Comprehensive sets of ratios are provided for broad managerial functions and their sub-divisions like, production, sale and distribution, working capital, debt-service management, etc. All the ratios are explained and worked out with live examples.

This book is invaluable for student pursuing post-graduate management courses and professional examinations such as those conducted by ICAI, ICWAI, ICFA, ICSI. It will be of considerable interest to professional managers, both at the operational and corporate level and to bankers and instituteional lenders for credit appraisal and to stock market investors as an aid to analysis of a company`s share price movement.

Advent, Development and Use of Ratios
Ratio Analysis
An Integrated Approach

Financial Aspects of Manufacturing Management
Ratios for Operational Control of Manufacturing Management
Ratios for Operational Control of Manufacturing Management
Ratios for Financial and Operational Control of Marketing and Sales Management
Ratios for Corporate Control of Financial Management
Ratios for Working Capital Management
Ratios for Debt Service Management
Ratios for Corporate Control of Financial Management
Measurement and Monitoring of Managerial Efficiency
A Ratio-Analytic Approach

Financial Strategies of Growth Oriented Companies
A Ratio Analytic Framework

Towards a Financial Theory of Corporate Bankruptcy
A Ratio Analytic Approach

Valuation and Stock Market Ratios
References and Select Bibliography

Hrishikes Bhattacharya

Hrishikes Bhattacharya is a consultant and board-level advisor to many companies and government organisations including the Reserve Bank of India. He has also, in the past, been on the board of United Bank of India. He was, formerly, Professor of Finance and Control at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.Professor Bhattacharya has been the UNDP fellow in International Financial Management at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He was a member of the task force appointed by Government of India for assessment of the movement of credit-deposit ratio in the states of India and suggest measures to improve the ratio in... More About Author

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