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This Book Is Not Required

This Book Is Not Required
An Emotional and Intellectual Survival Manual for Students

Fourth Edition

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Sociology | Study Skills

August 2010 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Fourth Edition of the classic This Book is Not Required: A Success Manual for First-Year Students breaks new ground in participatory education, offering insight and inspiration to help undergraduates make the most of their university years. This edition continues to teach about the university experience as a whole—looking at the personal, social, intellectual, and spiritual demands and opportunities—while incorporating new material highly relevant to today's students. The material is presented in a personable and straightforward manner, maintaining Dr. Inge Bell's illuminating writing style throughout, and inviting students to take responsibility for, and make the most of, their educational experiences.

New to This Edition:

- Features two new chapters, "Technology" (Chapter 3) and "Survival Skills" (Chapter 12), as well as new material on academic integrity, including the increased prevalence of cheating through the Internet.

Key Features:

- Offers real-life student vignettes that address current issues facing university students

- Encourages a participatory university education and personal reflection for students in many different disciplines

- Includes three bonus appendices: "For Teachers and Students Using this Book"; "A Primer on 'Buddhist Sociology' Pioneered by Inge Bell"; and "Short Biographies of the 'Team Bell' Members".

Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Fourth Edition
Part I. Academics and Learning
Chapter 1 - Welcome to College
Chapter 2 - Grades: Can You Perform Without the Pressure?
Chapter 3 - Technology and Learning
Chapter 4 - Everybody Hates to Write
Part II. Navigating the Institution
Chapter 5 - Support Your Local Teacher: Or the Care and Feeding of Professors
Chapter 6 - An Academic Question
Chapter 7 - Questions of Academic Integrity
Chapter 8 - Wisdom and Knowledge
Chapter 9 - Pursuing Wisdom in the Academy
Chapter 10 - Adventures in Desocialization
Chapter 11 - Media Me
Part III. Survival Strategies
Chapter 12 - Survival Skills
Chapter 13 - Love
Chapter 14 - Trouble With Parents
Chapter 15 - The Painful Avenues of Upward Mobility Test
Chapter 16 - Graduation: What They Forgot to Mention
Chapter 17 - The Career: Friend or Foe?
Chapter 18 - Directing Your Own Development
Appendix: For Teachers and Students Using This Book
About the Authors
About the Contributors: Team Bell

"This book SHOULD be required. [The authors] have created a lively, insightful, and tangible source that students can utilize in the classroom and in life. They want to read the book because it speaks to them, and it provides me with a classroom full of hungry, alert minds."


Melanie C. Klein
California State University, Northridge

Excellent survival guide for first year students.

Professor Aaron Sachs
Communication Dept, Saint Marys Clg Of California
August 19, 2014

I read an earlier edition when I was an undergraduate and i felt legitimized. Many students have said that this is one book that they will not sell back.

Professor Fatima Suarez
Sociology and Anthropology, University of La Verne
October 26, 2013

Sample Materials & Chapters

1. Welcome to College

11. Media Me

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Inge Bell

Inge Bell (1930-1996) received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. She helped organize the Berkeley/Oakland chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (C.O.R.E.), an experience that led to the publication of her first book, C.O.R.E.: The Strategy of Non-Violence. She taught sociology at Pitzer College until 1982, and wrote the first edition of This Book Is Not Required in 1985. More About Author

Bernard D. McGrane

Bernard McGrane received his Ph.D. from New York University and taught at Vermont College, Colby College, Cuesta Community College, UCLA, Pitzer College, and the University of California, Irvine before accepting his current position at Chapman University. He is the author of Beyond Anthropology, Society and the Other, and The Un-TV and the 10 MPH Car—Experiments in Personal Freedom and Everyday Life. More About Author

John A. Gunderson

John Gunderson received his Ph.D. from Claremont Graduate University in 2003. John’s work is focused on the belief in the power of passionate teaching, awareness and learning and its ability to transform education and people’s lives. To this end, he has been actively publishing scholarly work and presenting at conferences such as AERA and AME. His published works have been about diverse topics from teaching and learning, school reform, college life and the media. More About Author

Terri Lynne Anderson

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