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Think!: Metacognition-powered Primary Teaching

Think!: Metacognition-powered Primary Teaching

September 2021 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The perfect guide to help you embed metacognitive approaches to your teaching.

What is metacognition and how can you use it in your teaching? Metacognition – being aware of our own ways of thinking – is popular in education, but it is not always obvious how it links to teaching practice and how to teach it explicitly. This book translates meaningful concepts from research literature not only into practical strategies to try in your classroom but also gives you the opportunity to reflect on metacognitive strategies that you already use.

Key topics include:

  • Metacognitive strategies in a range of subjects, including English and mathematics
  • Dismantling metacognitive misconceptions
  • How to use metacognition to improve test performance
  • The importance of developing a growth mindset
  • How to develop self-regulation in the classroom
Chapter 1: The use of research in teaching
Chapter 2: What is metacognition and self-regulated learning?
Chapter 3: The impact of metacognition
Chapter 4: Metacognition and mindsets
Chapter 5: Metacognitive misconceptions
Chapter 6: Metacognition and the learning environment
Chapter 7: Metacognition, homework and remote learning
Chapter 8: Metacognitive strategies in English
Chapter 9: Metacognitive strategies in maths
Chapter 10: Metacognitive strategies across the curriculum
Chapter 11: Improving test performance using metacognition
Chapter 12: Metacognition and P4C
Chapter 13: Metacognition, Schema and memory development in the curriculum
Chapter 14: Metacognition and assessment

Anoara Mughal

Anoara Mughal is a Year 6 teacher and an Assistant Headteacher and currently teaches in a primary school in East London leading English, Attendance and Punctuality, Remote Learning and Gift and Talented. In her previous role as an Assistant Headteacher, she has had experience in leading whole school English, curriculum, CPD, P4C and pupil premium. She serves on the Steering Group @HealthyToolkit and is a Network Leader @WomenEdLondon. She has also written online articles for the TES, Primary Leaders, The Chartered College of Teaching and Learnus UK. Anoara has spoken at a number of conferences including Primary Rocks and The Festival of... More About Author

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