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Think Critically

Think Critically

  • Tom Chatfield - Independent Author, Tom Chatfield is an author, tech philosopher and broadcaster
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October 2019 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

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Critical thinking is an essential 21st century skill. Think Critically gives you simple, direct guidance on how to effectively assess and critique the world around you. 

  • Understand the nature of assumptions and claims
  • Grasp the notion of valid and invalid arguments and evidence
  • Gain practical skills and confidence in reading, writing and doing research.

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What’s so special about thinking critically?
How can I make time for all this thinking?
What do people mean when they talk about reasoning?
What does a good argument look like?
What does a good explanation do?
What about bad arguments and explanations?
Isn’t everyone biased?
How can I spot bias and misinformation?
How can I handle information overload?
What do I do next?


A Super Quick Skills Video
Watch our Super Quick introduction to thinking critically with author, Tom Chatfield. 

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Tom Chatfield

Dr. Tom Chatfield is an author, tech philosopher and broadcaster. His books exploring the skills required to thrive in a digital age, including ‘Critical Thinking’ (SAGE) and ‘Live This Book!’ (Penguin), are published in over thirty territories and languages. His debut novel, the thriller ‘This Is Gomorrah’ (Hodder), was published worldwide in July 2019.Tom is interested in improving our understanding of digital technology and its uses in policy, education, and engagement. He is currently technology and media advisor at Agathos LLP; non-executive director at the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society; a faculty member at London’s... More About Author

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ISBN: 9781526497406