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Theory and Social Psychology

Theory and Social Psychology

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March 1998 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Theory and Psychology presents a broad overview of the key issues that underpin the many disciplines of social psychology, from its historical origin to the range and diversity of contemporary debates. Major questions explored include the nature of science and psychology as science; descriptive, emancipatory, and critical theories; and the different ways in which social psychology is applied in the social and political world. Clearly structured and drawing on a number of different perspectives, this accessible text will introduce students to the important debates around what constitutes valid argument and research in social psychology; its aims, scope, and subject matter; and the degree to which social psychology can be said to be itself a social institution and a part of the network of social regulation and definition. Theory and Psychology is an ideal text for undergraduates in social psychology, philosophy of science, and sociology of science and a valuable resource for researchers and general readers.
Margaret Wetherell
Defining Social Psychology
Arthur Still
Historical Origins of Social Psychology
Richard Stevens
Dimensions for Distinguishing between Theories in Social Psychology
Roger Sapsford
Domains of Analysis
Richard Stevens
Trimodal Theory as a Model for Interrelating Perspectives in Psychology
Arthur Still
Theories of Meaning
Margaret Wetherell and Arthur Still
Realism and Relativism
David Devalle
Forms of Life
Science and Social Psychology

Roger Sapsford
Jeannette Murphy
Using Social Psychology
Roger Sapsford and Rudi Dallos
Resisting Social Psychology

`Could certainly be used as a stand-alone text. Aimed primarily at advanced undergraduates, it could also be read by others who may be prompted to identify yet further dimensions with which to map contemporary social psychology and define their position in relation to others' - The Psychologist

Roger Sapsford

Arthur Still

Margaret Wetherell

Margaret Wetherell is Professor of Social Psychology at the Open University, UK and Director of the Economic and Social Research Council Programme on Identities and Social Action. More About Author

Dorothy E Miell

Richard Stevens

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