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The Winning Manager

The Winning Manager
Timeless Principles for Corporate Success

Second Edition
  • Walter Vieira - Former chairman, International Council of Management Consulting Institutes

© 2014 | 248 pages | SAGE Response

This is not a standard book on management. It does not attempt to take the reader through the process of planning, forecasting, organising, delegating, motivating, monitoring, controlling and communicating in a sequential order, as in Fayol's wheel of managerial functions. Instead, it goes 'beneath the skin' of management as it were, to discuss issues that are not normally dealt with either in speech or in writing.

Foreword K V Kamath
On the Threshold: Start of the Work Phase of Life
Sketching Out a Grand Career Design: Fixing the Milestones
Applications That Work: And Why Some Don't
Playing the Interview Game: When Basics Are Often Forgotten
Negotiating the Interview: Insights into the Minds of Interviewers
Following Up on Interviews: How Far Will You Push?
Choosing an Employer: Look Before You Leap
Withstanding Pressures: A Formidable Challenge
Knowing the CEO: The CEO Casts a Shadow
The First Job Change: A Major Hurdle
Be Wary of Titles: They Can Be Misleading
Understanding Long-term Gains: Look Beyond the Horizon
Getting on with Your Boss: An Ongoing Challenge
A Mentor Can Help You Succeed: Makes the Journey Easier
Don’t Let Accidents Derail You: They Can Be Opportunities in Disguise
Little Things Show Up: And Reveal the Real Person
Beneficial Associations: Using the Power of Synergy
Enhancing Career Option with Networking: Extending the Reach
Grabbing Opportunities: Needs Grasp and Reach
The Importance of Being a Team Player: Leveraging the Power of Many
Becoming an Effective Manager: And not Just an Efficient Manager
Opportunities to Learn: They Are Many and Varied
The Need to Learn/Unlearn/Relearn: A Lifelong Pursuit
Management of Time: A Key Element for Success
Effective Communication: The Hub of Fayol’s Wheel
Taking Notes: Useful Backup to Memory
Blocking Communication: I Know It Already!
Communicating Facts without Tact: You Could Be Right, the Wrong Way
Separating Issues from Persons: The Art of Discernment
Dithering on Decisions: A Major Disability with Many
How to Motivate People: And Keep Them Motivated
The Need for Creativity: Because Innovation Is the Key
Learning from Job Transfers: Travel Is Education
Perseverance Pays: In the Long Run
Is Business Etiquette Outdated?: These Are Lubricants that Help Human Interactions
Indiscretion Can Harm Others: Hallmark of Poor Managers
Indiscretion Can Even Harm You: Shooting Yourself in the Foot
A Question of Trust: Creates Followers for Leaders
Keeping Your Word: Is Being True to Yourself
Building Credibility: Helps Create Reputations
Making and Breaking of Reputations: The Long and the Short of It
Peer Group Pressures: Can Be Overpowering
The Limits of Honesty: Challenge of Black and White and Shades of Grey
Tolerance for Corruption: Getting Used to Seeing Weeds, Not Flowers
Gifts: Giving and Receiving: Making it Innocuous, Both Ways
Greater Expectations from Others: It Is Futile to Expect Gratitude
A Yearning for Solitude: Learning to Be Alone—Not Lonely
Are you Doing Well?: The Answer Can Spark Sympathy or Jealousy
Fooling People at Work: Some of the People, Some of the Time
With a Little Bit of Luck: Fortunes Can Change!
Values and the Executive: Some Things Are Unchangeable, Even in a Changing World
Should You Be In Business?: With the Right Nature and Nurture, You Should
Character and Self-Discipline: The Foundation for Leadership
The Protective Umbrella: For Many, the Grass Is Greener Here

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Walter Vieira

Walter Vieira (certified management consultant or CMC) was among the first to be elected a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants of India (FIMC); and also the first to start a marketing consulting company— MAS—in 1975, in Mumbai, India, after a 14-year successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, with Glaxo, Warner and Boots. In a span of over 40 years, Walter has worked with many of the largest companies in India—both multinationals and Indian—which have been family-managed or corporates. MAS offers consulting in marketing strategy, and selection and training of marketing personnel in... More About Author

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