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The Welfare State

The Welfare State
A General Theory

First Edition

208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
A major orginal work of social theory, this book presents a distinctive and tightly argued theoretical model for understanding the basis of welfare in society. The author develops a theory of welfare based on a series of basic propositions: that people live in society and have obligations to each other; that welfare is obtained and maintained through social action; and that the welfare state is a means of promoting and maintaining welfare in society. Each of these propositions is examined and developed to suggest a clear way of understanding the foundations of social welfare. The book make a lively and informative contribution to debates in social policy, as well as moral philosophy, political theory and social theory.
The Person
The Moral Community
The Nature of Welfare
The Preconditions for Welfare
Social Protection
Welfare and Redistribution
The Role of the State
The Welfare State
Social Policy
State Action

`Students will find it useful and fellow academics will find much to support their work and to react againist' -Housing Studies

`This book will stimulate thought on crucial questions, and for that we can be appreciative. The attempt to lay out the propositions of welfare in their barest form, and demonstrate their relations, is novel and challenging... Lecturers could find it an endless source of stimulating essay topics. For readers new to the debate about welfare it provides a fine teething ring on which to practice chewing these perennially fascinating questions' - British Journal of Social Work

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`Sparkles with insights, astute observations and witty aphorisms. It is very readable. Spicker has provided a highly original, idiosyncartic and challenging book, It will be widely read and debated' - Robert Pinker, affil?

Paul Spicker

Professor Paul Spicker holds the Grampian Chair of Public Policy at the Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland. He has written widely in the field of social policy, having published fifteen books, several shorter works and over 75 academic papers. His research has included studies related to benefit delivery systems, the care of old people, psychiatric patients, housing management and local anti-poverty strategy. He has experience of housing and welfare rights work, and has also been a consultant on social welfare in practice, having done work for a range of agencies at local, national and international levels. More About Author

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