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The Unnamed

The Unnamed
Does anonymity need to be defended?

First Edition
Edited by:

SAGE Publications Ltd

The special report in this issue includes an analysis of the value of anonymity with articles looking at when it is used and why. Does it pose threats if people choose to write under a pen name? Is that as true of a book as a Tweet? Why should that be? It also looks at why writers, journalists and artists choose to do work under an assumed name, now and in the past.

  • Writers include: Julian Baggini
  • Hilary Mantel
  • Valerie Plame Wilson
  • Kaya Genç
  • filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky
  • Turkish journalist Can Dündar.

Plus why anonymity is under threat in India, why the people who help out foreign correspondents are under threat once they leave, and Chinese artists who feel under threat outside China.

Rachael Jolley
Anonymity Matters
Part 1: The Unnamed
Caroline Lees
Under The Wires
Jemimah Steinfeld
Art Attack
Suhrith Parthasarathy
Naming Names
Valerie Plame Wilson
Secrets and Spies
Jan Fox
Undercover Artist
John Crace
A Meeting at Trolls Anonymous
Kaya Genç
Whose Name Is On The Frame?
John Lloyd
Spooks and Sceptics
Bethany Horne
Privacy and Encryption
Ananya Azad
“I Have a Name”
Rupert Myers
The Smear Factor
Martin Rowson
Stripsearch Cartoon
Julian Baggini
Signing Off
Charlie Smith
The Snowden Effect
Mark Frary
Leave No Trace
Edward Lucas
Goodbye to the Byline
Jason Daponte
What’s Your Emergency?
Sean Vannata
Yakety Yak (Don’t Hate Back)
Jodie Ginsberg
Global View
Part 2: In Focus
Hilary Mantel
Blot, Erase, Delete
Andrey Arkhangelsky
Murder In Moscow: Anna’s Legacy
Hamid Ismailov
Writing in Riddles
Irene Caselli
Owners of Our Own Words
Natasha Joseph
Sackings, South Africa and Silence
Can Dündar
“Journalists Must Not Feel Alone”
Part 3: Culture
Basma Abdel Aziz
Bottled-Up Messages
Maria Stepanova
Muscovite Memories
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Silence Is Not Golden
Kaya Genç
Write Man for the Job
Josie Timms
Index around the World
Vicky Baker
What Ever Happened To Luther Blissett?

Rachael Jolley