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The Twilight of the Nation State

The Twilight of the Nation State
Globalisation, Chaos and War

First Edition

June 2006 | 400 pages | SAGE Vistaar
This groundbreaking book offers an in-depth historical perspective on the rise of capitalism, written by one of the leading scholars of the Global South.

Arguing that globalisation is generally poorly understood, Jha offers a new synthesis of political and economic theory that sheds light on the consequences of rapid industrialisation worldwide. Writing from outside the usual Western perspective, the book challenges many of the usual preconceptions about the impact of globalisation.


Eric Hobsbawm

Two Views of the Future

Four Cycles of Capital Accumulation

The Onset of Systemic Chaos

Seven Explanations for the End of the Golden Age

The Rise of Global Capitalism

The End of Organised (National) Capitalism

Disorganisation of the Periphery

Undermining Economic Sovereignty

Growing Obsolescence of the Nation State

Rehearsal for Empire

The End of the Westphalian Order

Struggle for Hegemony

Loss of Hegemony

Towards Darkness



Jha`s work is a critique of capitalist globalisation in terms of what he sets out as the innate logic of capitalism itself as seen from its history. …Jha`s work can be viewed as the antithesis of the rosy picture that apologists of contemporary neoliberal globalization have been presenting.


This is a book with a compelling and well-worked out argument. It is based on the author`s considerable experience as a journalist and columnist. ….The central theme of the book has been discussed in academic circles for some years now, and has become something of a conventional argument in political science and international relations courses, in connection with the somewhat empty category`globalisation`

Hindustan Times

Difficulties apart, Prem Shankar Jha`s work on globalisation is an illuminating survey, ….Jha rightly reminds us that labour mobility, including of course slave labour, was central to capitalism`s growth….The second half of the book where Jha deals with the emergence of Empire, the dismantling of the post-Westphalian order, the War on Iraq and the destruction of the United Nations, makes for really interesting reading. Here Jha exposes the US Establishment`s designs with great skill….an important book for anybody interested in understanding contemporary globalisation.


 This book offers an indepth historical perspective on the rise of capitalism. Arguing that globalization is generally poorly understood, the author offers a new synthesis of political and economic theory that sheds light on the consequences of rapid industrialization and globalization.

Asian Age

 Is the world really heading towards chaos? Prem Shankar Jha is quite certain that it is. And he has also zeroed in on who`s to blame: the forces of globalization that are fuelled by runaway capitalism....But this isn`t just another book written by a bleeding heart US basher. It is one of the few ground-breaking analyses emanating from the non-western world and challenges many of the ideological tenets that most critiques of globalization take as a given.

Business Today

Prem Shankar Jha`s book offers a refreshingly different political and economic perspective on the unipolar planet we live in at present.


The books offer thought-provoking insights into the virtues of globalisation, given the changing nature of capitalism and the scope for accelerating it through multilateral and non-multilateral institutions.

World Affairs

This interesting book can be viewed as a counterpoint to somewhat premature and euphoric assessment of globalisation of the world economy expressed by several members of the academic community in the developed countries.

Freedom First

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Prem Shankar Jha

Prem Shankar Jha is an independent columnist, a prolific author and a former information adviser, Prime Minister’s Office (India). He completed his master’s in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Oxford in 1961. After working for five years for the United Nations Development Programme in New York and Damascus, he returned to India to pursue a career in journalism. Over the past few decades, he has been Editor in The Economic Times, The Financial Express, and Hindustan Times, and the Economic Editor in The Times of India. Jha has been a visiting scholar at Nuffield College, University of Oxford; Weatherhead Center for... More About Author

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