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The Trusted Leader

The Trusted Leader
Building the Relationships that Make Government Work

Second Edition
Edited by:

August 2011 | 464 pages | CQ Press
Improving government on a macro level is only possible with public managers who herald change on a micro level. While many studies of government reform focus on new policies and programs, these public managers-building relationships built on trust-are the real drivers behind many successful reforms.

In this second edition, chapter authors once again draw on their real-world experience to demonstrate the importance of values-based leadership. With new research and lessons from the first two years of the Obama administration, chapters focus on the concrete ways in which leaders build effective relationships and trust, while also improving themselves, their organizations, and those they coach. Surveying agencies both horizontally and vertically, The Trusted Leader also addresses how public managers can collaborate with political appointees and the legislative branch, while still engaging with citizens to create quality customer experiences.

Two brand-new chapters focus on:

• "Effective Conversations"-the importance of one-on-one conversations to building trust, with a model for having such conversations.

• "The Diversity Opportunity"-the need to effectively lead across a diverse workforce and a diverse society to build trust in both realms.

With the addition of chapter headnotes, the editors provide necessary context, while the new "Resources for Further Learning" feature guides readers toward additional print and web resources.

Terry Newell, Peter Ronayne, and Grant Reeher
Introduction: The Context for Leading Democracy
Terry Newell
Values-Based Leadership for a Democratic Society
Alfred L. Cooke and Beverly R. Fletcher
Self-Awareness and Leadership Success
Len Kill Kelley and Debra Robinson
E?ective Conversations: The Genetic Code of Relationships
Ron Redmon
Coaching: A Leadership Imperative for the 21st Century
Gail Funke
Leading for Team Success
Gerry Brokaw and John Pickering
Building High-Performance Organizations
Tom Gordon, Allison Linney, Michael Rawlings, and Kristinia Energia Naranjo-Rivera
The Diversity Opportunity
Russ Linden
Collaborating Across Organizational Boundaries
Robert Maranto
Career-Political Relationships: Going Beyond a Government of Strangers
Grace Cummings
Working with Congress: Building Relationships across the Constitutional Divide
Lou Carbone
Engineering Experiences that Build Trust in Government
Grant Reeher and George Mitchell
From E-Government to E-Governance: Harnessing Technology to Strengthen Democracy
Peter Ronayne
Global Leadership: Strengthening a Skeptical World’s Trust in America
Dan Fenn
Conclusion: What, Then, Is the Job of the Government Leader?

Terry Newell

Grant Reeher

Peter Ronayne

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