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The Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders

The Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders

First Edition
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June 2001 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Treatment and rehabilitation have been central to the development of criminal justice policy, and have played an important role in the development of criminology. In recent years punishment and retribution have attracted more attention than rehabilitation, but there has been a resurgence of interest in treatment and rehabilitation, with indications that some things do 'work', and an emphasis on 'evidence-based' policy making. It is also the belief of many that a penal policy without an adequate treatment strategy is unjust and a denial of human rights. In this book Iain Crow provides an accessible overview of the concepts of treatment and rehabilitation, adopting a deliberately broad definition, and considers the historical basis of treatment, and its place within the penal system and British criminology. The collapse of the 'rehabilitative ideal' is examined, along with what followed it and the development of the more recent 'what works' movement. The basis for evaluating 'what works' is also subjected to critical examination. In the second part, the book looks at the part that particular agencies such as the Probation Service, prison and non-statutory organizations have played in the treatment of offenders. In Part Three, the issues raised by treatment and rehabilitation are illustrated with reference to three groups of offenders: sexual offenders, drug misusers and mentally disordered offenders. The Treatment and Rehabilitation of Offenders will be essential reading for students of criminology and criminal justice at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.
A Suitable Case for Treatment?
Nothing Works!
Determining What Works
Methodoligical Issues

What Works?
On Probation
In Prison
The Treatment of Sex Offenders
Mentally Disordered Offenders
The Treatment of Drug Misuse
Treatment and Social Policy

`[A] useful and informative book. ...I would recommend it to students wanting a good introduction to the current issues in criminal justice and probation' - Vista: Perspectives on Probation

`The three chapters on treatment in practice are all excellent; the treatment of sex offenders, mentally disordered offenders and the treatment of drug misuse are all described within the social context of public concern... Ian gives a good overview of the sex offenders' treatment program as operated in prisons and Finkelhors model which is typically used by probation in working with offenders' - Simon Bass, Caring Magazine

The book offers an organised account of rehabilitation, however it is a bit limited as it only considers rehabilitation within prisons and during probation, and three types of interventions (sexual offenders, mentally disordered offenders). It was not a broad as I would have hoped.

Dr Aleksandra Monteiro
Dept of Psychology (Kedleston Cps), Derby University
March 21, 2022

This book offers a great overview of treatment and rehabilitation of offenders. It covers the basics of this topic using accessible language for students.

Miss Cristiana Viana Cardoso
Division of Criminology, Birmingham City University
July 24, 2018

This book is an essential read if interested in research/teaching relating to the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders. I enjoyed reading the book and I believe my students will also enjoy reading this book, to add value to their studies.

Dr Michael Richards
Faculty of Health & Social Care, Edge Hill University
May 8, 2016

A good introductory text for students beginning to explore the criminal justice system.

Mrs Karen James
Care, Coleg Sir Gar
May 1, 2013

this was a user friendly, easy to read text which has the advantage of drawing upon the knowledge of local practitioners given our course is in Sheffield. the area of offender treatment/supervision is rapidly changing and it is hoped that later editions will reflect this

Mrs Julia Norton
Uniformed public services, Sheffield College
March 13, 2013

This is a very useful and informative book for any student studying offender behaviour. It is very clear, easy to read and every chapter finishes with useful questions.
I would recommend it to my students.

Dr Maria Ioannou
School of Human and Health Sciences, Huddersfield University
November 20, 2011

This is an articulate review of the confused status of "what works" for offenders in the U.K. Forensic treatment remains as obscure and contraversial as it ever was, and this text will provide an invaluable guide to the new comer trying to get a sense of context to both the theory and application of offender based work. I certainly recommend it to all my students planning to go into forensic mental health

Mr Armin Luthi
Health and Social care sciences, Saint Georges
August 3, 2011

An essential read for any student studying offender behaviour and the wider context in which it sits. The chapters are accessbile, easy to follow with useful questions at the end of every shapter to check learning.

Miss Laura Firth
Public Services, Runshaw College
May 17, 2011

Iain Crow

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