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The Therapist's Toolbox

The Therapist's Toolbox
26 Tools and an Assortment of Implements for the Busy Therapist

First Edition

June 2001 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`A must for the novice therapist and certainly a tome for the experienced practitioner who is 'stuck'. We all need a fresh idea from time to time and "the therapists toolbox" is IT! Definitely one for the briefcase rather than the bookshelf' -

`The Therapist's Toolbox is sure to be welcomed by any busy therapist or counsellor who chances upon it. It provides simple, practical, and really effective techniques for improving connectivity between practitioners and their clients' - Nurturing Potential

"Susan Carrell's toolbox of tried and tested techniques is a refreshing read from cover to cover. Designed to enable the stuck therapist to delve in, pick up a tool and move their client forward. At times light-hearted and humorous - her experience shines through, giving confidence to the reader so that they feel able to apply her methods.

Carrell acknowledges that the academics in therapy land prefer to keep to theoretical concepts and language - however her book is designed for those amongst us who are kept busy will clients to the point that academic reading is heavy going in our time-short lives.

Tools for adults, couples and children in therapy - all with metaphorical significance and certainly valid in today's cognitive counselling culture in assisting the visualization of issues. A must for the novice therapist and certainly a tome for the experienced practitioner who is 'stuck'. We all need a fresh idea from time to time and "the therapists toolbox" is IT! Definitely one for the briefcase rather than the bookshelf" -

`I have been a practitioner for more than twenty years, and I have developed the manual for therapists who, like me, are working with clients face-to-face on a daily basis. I wish I had found a book like this years ago. With all due respect to theory, sometimes a therapist needs a concrete way in which to use it. I have collected these tools over the years through trial and error: they work for me' - From The Introduction

The Therapist's Toolbox is a practical manual of easy-to-apply, sure-fire therapy techniques for the busy therapist or counsellor. It answers the need many therapists have when they are `stuck' for a new (to them) technique to introduce a certain psychological construct in a therapy session. Aimed at practice with adult clients, this book grows out of the author's own frustrations and experiences of attending continuing education seminars and buying professional books to find only a few practical, useful techniques that can be used immediately with clients.

Written in a friendly, jargon-free style, the author shares a collection of easy-to-implement techniques and ideas to use with clients. She also illustrates each "tool" with at least one case drawn from her own practice. The book features ideas for use with both adult individuals and couples.

Beyond the Genogram
Sand-Tray Therapy for Adults

Who Am I Becoming?
Discovering the Inner Child
Dream a Little Dream
The Life Line
Family Memories
Every Now and Zen
Meditation and Mindfulness for the Beginner

Journaling 101
Favorite Fairy Tale
The Couples Love Story
The Paper Exercise
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Letting Go

Resurrecting the Dead Relationship
Jake Got a Dog
The Talking Stick
A Soulful Relationship
Nurturing the Mythical, Magical Images of Love

Finding a Safe Place
Thin Places, A Way to Talk about God
Deconstructing the Net

Rock-Hard Resolve
Holding On

A Matter Of Perspective
Bridging the Gap
Getting beyond Insight

Field Trips
Rituals and Other Blessings
The Mother Interview
Necessary Journeys
Nails, Tacks and Hooks

The Therapists Toolbox provides a selection of strategies useful for engaging clients who are struggling to express themselves. The author has compiled this book using techniques she has picked up along the way. She explains her reasoning in the introduction, and provides practice examples to demonstrate application. I have found this book useful as a counsellor and also as a teacher of counselling, as some strategies can also be used in the classroom.

Mrs Jackie Anne Villars
Higher Education, Accrington And Rossendale College
May 19, 2020

Very easy to read and even though this book is aimed at client work I found the ideas transfer nicely into experiential exercises to use with syudents in class which was a nice bonus.

Mr Peter Trowsdale
Counselling, West Herts College
January 8, 2015

This book is brilliant for any therapist on the move. I wish i had this book when i was training.

Miss Nicola Lord
department of health, preston collage
September 29, 2014

I have recommended that the University put this book on the Supplemental Reading List for students next year. Practical skills for therapeutic use are in short supply and I found this book to be a good resource of such ideas.

Dr Linda Leon
Madingley College, Cambridge University
February 11, 2010

Susan E. Carrell

Susan Carrell, RN, MS, LPC, is a therapist in private practice in Allenspark, Colorado. Previously, she was the Episcopal Chaplain for Missouri State University and Drury University. She was a substance abuse counselor for adolescents in an inpatient treatment facility and a psychiatric nurse clinician for hospitalized adolescents. She has been the owner and director of a state-certified alcohol and drug education program for youth. She also facilitated groups for high-risk adolescents in public high schools. She is author of Group Exercises for Adolescents: A Manual for Therapists (Sage Publications, 1st Edition, 1993, 2nd Edition, 2000)... More About Author

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