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The Sociology of Religion

The Sociology of Religion

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Sociology of Religion

December 2007 | 296 pages | SAGE South Asia
Why is religion still important? Can we be fully modern and fully religious? The Sociology of Religion works at two levels. First it sets out the agenda—covering the key questions in the sociology of religion today. At the same time, it interrogates this agenda—asking if the sociology of religion, as we currently know it, is `fit for purpose`. If not, what is to be done?

This book
- describes the origins of the sociology of religion
- demystifies secularization as a process and a theory
- relates religion to modern social theory
- unpacks the meaning of religion in relation to modernity and globalization
- grasps the methodological challenges in the field
- provides a comparative perspective for religions in the west
- introduces questions of minorities and margins
- sets out a critical agenda for debate and research

In a single volume, Grace Davie captures the nature and forms of modern religion, the current debates in the field and the prospects for future development.
Introduction: A Critical Agenda
I: THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES: Common Sources//Different Pathways
Secularization: Process and Theory
Rational Choice Theory
Modernity: A Single or Plural Construct?
Methodological Challenges
II: SUBSTANTIVE ISSUES: Mainstream Religions in the Western World
Minorities and Margins
Demanding Attention: Fundamentalisms in the Modern World
Globalization and the Study of Religion
Religion and the Everyday
Conclusion: Revisiting the Agenda

Grace Davie is one of the best analysts of religion in contemporary sociology. This book caps a distinguished record of studies of religion-first of Britain, then of Europe, then globally. This is a magisterial work, which should be read by anyone interested in the place of religion in the modern world.

Peter L Berger

This book offers both an expert survey of contemporary sociology of religion and the personal reflections of one of the leading scholars in the field. Grace Davie is a good model for students and their teachers: she is clear, engaging and fair minded but unafraid to express a point of view.

David Voas

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Grace Davie

GRACE DAVIE is professor emeritus in the Sociology of Religion at the University of Exeter UK and a senior adviser to the Impact of Religion Research Programme at Uppsala University.  She is a past-president of the American Association for the Sociology of Religion (2003) and of the Research Committee 22 (Sociology of Religion) of the International Sociological Association (2002-06).  In 2000-01 she was the Kerstin-Hesselgren Professor at Uppsala, where she returned for extended visits in 2006-7, 2010 and 2012, receiving an honorary degree in 2008.  She has also held visiting appointments at the Ecole Pratique des... More About Author


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