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The Sociology of Childhood

The Sociology of Childhood

Fourth Edition

January 2014 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

William A. Corsaro’s groundbreaking work, The Sociology of Childhood, is widely acclaimed as the only text that thoroughly covers children and childhood from a sociological perspective—providing in-depth coverage of social theories of childhood, the peer cultures and social issues of children and youth, and children and childhood within the frameworks of culture and history. The Fourth Edition has been thoroughly updated to incorporate the latest research and the most pertinent information so readers can engage in powerful discussions on a wide array of topics.

Part I. The Sociological Study of Childhood
1. Social Theories of Childhood
Sociology’s Rediscovery of Childhood  
Traditional Theories: Socialization  
Children’s Understanding of Conservation of Mass  
Interpretive Reproduction: Children Collectively Participate in Society  
Do Chips Have Blood on Them?  
From Individual Progression to Collective Reproductions  
2. The Structure of Childhood and Children’s Interpretive Reproductions
Assumptions of the Structural Perspective  
The New American Grandparent  
Age and Gender in Hausa Society  
Childhood, Children’s Activities, and Interpretive Reproduction in Peer Culture  
Three Kinds of Collective Action  
Preschool Children’s Secondary Adjustments to Teacher’s Rules  
3. Studying Children and Childhood
Macrolevel Methods  
Microlevel Methods  
Nontraditional Methods in Studying Children  
Ethical Issues in Researching Children’s Lives  
Part II. Children, Childhood and Families in Historical and Cultural Context
4. Historical Views of Childhood and Children
Philippe Ariès’s Centuries of Childhood  
The Debate Regarding Grand-Stage Theories of the Family and Childhood  
The New History of Childhood  
The Newsies  
5. Social Change, Families and Children
Examining Changes in Families From the Children’s Perspective  
Children’s Everyday Lives in Families  
Amy Sticks Up for Her Mom  
The Effects of Recent Socioeconomic Changes on Children and  
Childhood in Western Societies  
What Is a Family?  
Racial and Ethnic Diversity of the Population of Children and Youth  
The Lives of Immigrant Children  
The Effects of Recent Socioeconomic Changes on Children and Childhood in Developing Societies  
Part III. Children’s Cultures
6. Children’s Peer Cultures and Interpretive Reproduction
Examining Peer Culture from Children’s Perspective  
Central Importance of Peer Culture in Interpretive Reproduction  
Symbolic Aspects of Children’s Cultures  
Material Aspects of Children’s Cultures  
Children, Parents, and Consumer Culture  
7. Sharing and Control in Initial Peer Cultures
Central Themes in Children’s Initial Peer Cultures  
Friendship, Sharing, and Social Participation  
The Little Chairs Routine  
Access Rituals in an American Preschool  
Italian Children’s Production of the Cantilena in Discussione  
Autonomy and Control in Peer Culture  
Two Husbands  
Non C’È Zuppa Inglese  
The Walking Bucket  
La Strega  
8. Conflict and Differentiation in the Initial Peer Culture
Conflict and Peer Relations  
Bad Wolves Do Not Exist  
Social Differentiation in Initial Peer Cultures  
9. Pre-Adolescent Peer Cultures
Peer Cultures in Preadolescence  
Friendship Processes in Preadolescent Peer Cultures  
Autonomy and Identity in Preadolescent Peer Cultures  
Cradle of Love  
Disputes, Conflict, Friendships, and Gender  
Boys and Cooties  
Generation M: Electronic Media in the Lives of Preadolescents and Adolescents  
Effects and Process of Media Use in the Lives of Preadolescents and Adolescents  
Part IV. Children, Social Problems, and the Future of Childhood
10. Children, Social Problems, and the Family  
Changing Family Structures and Children’s Lives  
Work, Families, and Childhood  
Divorce and Its Effects on Children  
Child Abuse in the Family  
11. Children, Social Problems and Society
Poverty and the Quality of Children’s Lives  
The Abraham Lincoln of Child Workers  
Growing Up Fast: The Story of Nicholas  
Teen Pregnancy and Nonmarital Births  
Violence, Victimization, and the Loss of Childhood  
Bullying: Patterns and Trends  
12. The Future of Childhood
The Major Challenges  
Some More Modest Proposals to Enrich Children’s Lives  

Un manuel de qualité pour des lecteurs francophones peu habitués à cheminer dans les travaux en langue anglaise.

Baptiste Besse-Patin
Lectures Revues

I found this quite difficult to access - but once there, I felt rewarded by Corsaro's insights and wisdom.
Students ( and colleagues) thought it to be a useful text.

Dr Jonathan Wainwright
Ctr for Education & Inclusion Research, Sheffield Hallam University
May 6, 2017

An excellent and in-depth text appropriate for M-Level students and high achieving undergraduates. Covers all major areas in exceptional depth for a reader. Nicely put together and a must have on any reading list for sociology of childhood or sociology of schooling.

Mr Lewis Stockwell
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
July 15, 2016

the course content includes history of childhood and social position of children through ages as well as contemporary problems of childhood and its future. So the book was very useful as a supplemental resource.

Professor Ewa Jarosz
Social Pedagogy, University of Silesia
May 13, 2016

The contents page says it all. This book gives an excellent overview of childhood and the history and sociology of this subject. From traditional theories of socialisation to diversity through the ages, with recognition of very contemporary issues affecting childhood and adolescence, this book makes a worthy update of this topic and an excellent addition to the current range of specific childhood or sociology books available.

Mrs Jo Williams
School of Education and Community, Glyndwr University
December 7, 2015

A really valuable text for anyone studying Early Years and Education, it is comprehensive, contemporary, engaging and thought provoking. Corsaro explains and challenges theories and preconceptions and includes observations that accompany and illustrate the explanations. I keep returning to this book to see what Cosaro says.

Ms Caroline Edna Brooks
Learning and Teaching Institute, Sheffield Hallam University
October 27, 2015

This book takes an in depth look at the sociology of different childhoods. Essential read for all students and professionals concerned with children’s developing cultures and identities. This text has been added to the recommended reading list for my level 6 top up course but I recommend it for postgraduate study.

Mrs Sharon Angeletta Colilles
Carnegie Faculty of Sports & Education, Leeds Beckett University
August 21, 2015

Well grounded book full of very relevant information for the tutor, students and early years workforce. Allows that deeper understanding of policy and indeed practice in an ever changing environment.

Mrs lisa rebecca Fairclough
Childhood Studies, Lakes College
August 20, 2015

Enlightening read. Allows one to move back to move forward, exploring both the values placed on childhood over the years and the contemporary challenges educators and those in the early years workforce face presently.

Mrs lisa rebecca Fairclough
Childhood Studies, Lakes College
August 20, 2015

This book was sought to support the teaching of the history of childhood. It actually proved to be useful in covering all aspects of childhood from a sociological perspective. The examples from practice were useful in providing links to children in the setting, and controversial issues are covered with relative depth; text is though provoking, and makes for good points of discussion. It is relatively easy to read, and covers many, many aspects, which is useful for students in particular.

Mrs Nicola Sperrin
Education and Community, University College Birmingham
July 17, 2015

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William A. Corsaro

William A. Corsaro was Robert H. Shaffer Class of 1967 Endowed Chair and is now Professor Emeritus in the Department of Sociology at Indiana University, Bloomington where he won the President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1988. He was the first recipient of the Distinguished Career Award for the Section on Children and Youth of the American Sociological Association in 2013. He taught courses on the sociology of childhood, childhood in contemporary society, and ethnographic research methods. His primary research interests are the sociology of childhood, children’s peer cultures, the sociology of education, and ethnographic research... More About Author

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