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The School-Home Connection

The School-Home Connection
Forging Positive Relationships With Parents

First Edition

November 2013 | 152 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE

The keys to bridging the gap between school and home!

Research has consistently shown that student success is directly related to the strength of the relationships between parents and schools. This book provides teachers and administrators with tools to build a foundation for student success based on positive relationships with students and their families.

Drawing on original research and their professional experiences, the authors identify the common sources of both negative and positive school-home relationships. The book presents a comprehensive approach to building closer connections and includes

 - Tools to help educators develop a deeper understanding of the communities they serve
 - Strategies for improving interpersonal skills and communication skills
 - A chapter on the importance of documenting and celebrating school events
 - Guidelines for creating three distinct levels of parental participation in schools

With suggestions for cultivating a community network of support services and a summary of lessons for forging constructive relationships, The School-Home Connection is an essential tool for educators looking to strengthen the learning community and increase student achievement.

Committing to the Relationship
Recognizing Different Personalities
Identifying Potential Red Flags
Honing Solid Communication Skills
Adopting Key Rules
Using Flexibility to Enhance Relationships
Documenting and Celebrating School Events
Connecting Home and School
Cultivating Resources
Summarizing Global Lessons Learned
References and Recommended Readings

A useful resource for all educators with practical suggestions to help close the gap between school and home. Through analogies and shared reflections on real-life examples, the authors provide guidance for dealing effectively with parents, understanding the importance of family dynamics, and considering the effects of personality types on relationships.

Annette Speach, Director of Human Resources
North Syracuse Central School District, NY

Becoming skilled in relationships is the foundation for successful home-school collaboration, and these authors provide the why’s and how-to’s in a very readable form.

Bonnie Dunn, Retired School Social Worker
The Collaborative School, New Gloucester, ME

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Rosemary A. Olender

Rosemary Olender is a retired school administrator who is currently providing consulting and staff development services for school districts across a broad range of educational issues. She has focused her work on the development of educational practices that lead to higher standards for all students and increased public relations between schools and communities. Olender received her bachelor’s degree in speech pathology and audiology from the State University of New York at Albany, her master's degree in speech and language pathology from Syracuse University, and her CAS in educational administration from Syracuse University. Prior to... More About Author

Jacquelyn Elias

Jacquelyn Elias is a retired speech therapist and school administrator residing in upstate New York. She received a bachelor of arts degree in speech pathology and audiology from the State University of NY at Geneseo and a masters and educational administrative degree from Oswego State University. Elias spent 19 years in the public schools as a speech therapist and special educator. Her primary interest was working with students with emotional disabilities and the very young child with language disabilities. Elias was a school administrator for 10 years. She spent 3 years as an intermediate school principal and 7 years in the capacities of... More About Author

Rosemary D. Mastroleo

Rosemary Mastroleo is a retired school teacher and supervisor now living in Southwest Florida. Throughout her career, Mastroleo was responsible for the set up and design of special education programs in public school settings. She focused her efforts on identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each child in order to build a successful academic program both at home and at school. Mastroleo’s consistent efforts to build cooperative relationships with families enhanced the success of her students and her programs. Prior to becoming an administrator, Mastroleo taught for 17 years in the North Syracuse Central School District in central New... More About Author


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